Disneyland’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge attraction has opened up a whole new universe of dining and drinking options at the park. Here’s how to navigate them.

Figuring out your meal schedule at Disneyland can be just as stressful as plotting your ride itinerary and character meet and greets. Little Red Wagon corn dog? Turkey leg at Edelweiss Snacks? The ooey, gooey, sugar-topped Monte Cristo in Cafe Orleans? Dole Whip outside the Enchanted Tiki Room?

They’re all worthy picks, but even these Disney classics may now play second fiddle to the other-worldly food and beverage selections available at the brand-spanking new Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge section of the park.

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

The much-anticipated, highly-immersive attraction transports you to the Black Spire Outpost on the planet of Batuu where notable elements from the franchise abound: Build your own lightsabers and droids! Interact with familiar faces and unfriendly masked foes! Ride the Millennium freakin’ Falcon!

One thing, however, that may come as a surprise to fans is the abundance of delicious delights at Galaxy’s Edge. Beyond Luke’s beloved blue milk, Rey’s instant bread, and Chewie’s spit-roasted porg (with a side of guilt), foodie culture never seemed to have much of a foothold in the galaxy far, far away.

Thankfully, the fine folks at Disney have decided to flip the script. Galaxy’s Edge has quickly emerged as the premier dining destination at Disneyland for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and anytime snacking. It’s also the first spot in the park (apart from California Adventure and the elusive Club 33) to offer booze to the public.

Just like virtually anything Disneyland-related, making the most of your Galaxy’s Edge culinary experience requires planning and strategy. Below you’ll find some tips and tricks that will help make the process as effortless as bullseyeing womp rats on a T-16.

Before Your Visit

Download the Disneyland Mobile App

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You’ll be relying on the Disneyland app through your visit for park maps, ride wait times, special event schedules, character locations, and much more.

(Bonus tip 1: bring a battery charger or two.)

On the food front, the app includes menus as well as the option for mobile ordering at several dining spots throughout the park including Docking Bay 7, Ronto Roasters, and the Milk Stand in Galaxy’s Edge. The process is simple and will allow you to bypass the lines during peak hours—let’s face it, any opportunity to save precious minutes is huge. Simply tap in your order, schedule a pickup time, enter your credit card, and purchase. When you’re ready to eat, click the “I’m Here. Prepare My Order” button in the app as you approach your dining destination to ensure your food is ready for pickup by the time you reach the mobile ordering counter.

Make a Reservation at Oga’s Cantina

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Spending time in Disneyland Park’s only booze den is a must during your Galaxy’s Edge visit (for a more detailed description on the Oga’s experience, see below). But in order to revel in the experience you’ll have to reserve spots in advance as no walk-ins are currently being accepted. Reservations, which require a Disneyland account (it’s free to sign-up) are available 30 days in advance. They go quick, so be sure to have an idea of when you’d like to visit. A credit card is required to reserve and you’ll be charged $10 per person on the reservation if your party is a no-show.

Spots are available every five minutes from official park opening (doors are shut during Magic Hour and Magic Morning) to closing. You’re free to make multiple reservations but if you only have time to check it out once, I’d recommend going mid-afternoon when the crowds in the park can be overwhelming (plus it’s a nice respite from the heat). If you’re planning on heading over for a nightcap, be sure to check the park schedule if you don’t want to miss the fireworks or other evening festivities.

If reservations are completely booked or if the time you desire is unavailable, keep checking throughout the day for cancellations.

Where to Eat and Drink

Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo

Disneyland Resort

The largest dining option in Galaxy’s Edge, Docking Bay 7 is billed as a “working hangar bay” (reaffirmed by a soundtrack of constant machinery whirring) that features the far-out culinary creations of Chef Strono “Cookie” Tuggs. During our three visits here, my wife and I never had a problem finding a table and the line to order was always manageable, even during peak dinner hours (to be safe, stick with mobile ordering).

While we enjoyed lunch and dinner at Docking Bay 7, breakfast proved to be a standout thanks to the Bright Suns Morning, a hearty combo plate that includes a three-cheese egg bite (basically a mini frittata), grilled linguica-adjacent pork sausages with just the right snap, a well-seasoned blue potato hash, and a mini flaky, cinnamon-swirled Mustafarian lava roll for a sweet finish. At $10.99 it’s perhaps the best dining value in the park but unfortunately the spread is now only served during the weekend.

Disneyland Resort

(Bonus tip 2: There are several kids-only food options, including a modified version of Bright Suns Morning, that include a full meal and beverage at a discount price. If you have a child ages 3-9, this is your best bet.)

The limited breakfast menu also includes two other worthy options, Rising Moon Overnight Oats which were soaked in yogurt and studded with fresh and exotic fruit, and a full size version of the Mustafarian Lava Roll.

(Bonus tip 3: If you plan on getting to Disneyland at opening, head to Fantasyland first. During our visit, most of the crowd made a beeline towards Galaxy’s Edge leaving the rest of the park a relative ghost town. We were able to knock out most of the Fantasyland rides as well as the Matterhorn and Hyperspace Mountain in less than 90 minutes giving us plenty of time to make it to Docking Bay 7 before breakfast ended at 10 a.m.)

Lunch and dinner menu items also impressed with the must-order dish coming as a bit of a surprise. The Felucian Garden Spread is a lunch-only offering highlighted by “plant-based kefta.” Just as Disney works their magic with their state-of-the-art animatronics, these juicy, perfectly seasoned Middle Eastern spiced faux meatballs were a shockingly perfect replica of the real thing.

Disneyland Resort

(Bonus tip 4: If you have a dietary restriction, use the Disneyland App to research which food options are right for you—simply scroll to the bottom if you’re viewing the menu or click the “Allergy-Friendly” icon if you’re on the “order food” screen.)

If you want to stick with something more familiar, the Smoked Kaddu Ribs and Fried Endorian Tip-yip (a.k.a. chicken) won’t disappoint. For healthier alternatives, the Asian-influenced Yobshrimp Noodle Salad is an ideal summer meal while the Roasted Endorian Tip-yip Salad, prepared with quinoa, pumpkin seeds, and green curry ranch dressing will impress the California crowd and Ewoks alike.

As they’re both so visually impressive, it might be hard to take a bite out of either of Dock 7’s dessert offerings. But once you snap your photos, the raspberry cream-filled Oi-oi Puff and  Batuu-bon, a moist chocolate cake with chocolate mousse and coffee custard, are both ideal ways to end your meal.

Disneyland Resort

To quench your thirst, Docking Bay 7 offers a variety of fruity specialty beverages with Star Wars-appropriate monikers such as Moof Juice and Phattro. Fountain standards are also available as well as iced tap water on the house.

Ronto Roasters

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Located alongside Docking Bay 7 (look for the oversized rotating spit managed by a surly droid), Ronto Roasters features a limited, yet satisfying menu. In the morning, you can opt for the Rising Moon Overnight Oats or the filling Ronto Morning Wrap: pita stuffed with scrambled eggs, sausage link (a mega-sized version of the one served with Bright Suns Morning), cheese, and peppercorn sauce. If you’re visiting the park on a weekday when Bright Suns Morning is not available, it’s certainly a worthy alternative. During the rest of the day, the sole entree is the standard Ronto Wrap which is similar to the breakfast version only with coleslaw and roasted pork instead of eggs. If you need a quick snack, Ronto Roasters also offers Nuna Turkey Jerky, available in spicy or sweet.

On the drink front, there are several specialty beverages including options not available at Docking Bay 7. A favorite is the Sour Sarlacc, a cool quencher that brings the heat thanks to the addition of spicy mango.

Remember to use mobile ordering to save time. Once you pick up your meal you can enjoy it on the outdoor patio or walk a few steps and grab a table at Docking Bay 7 for some cool AC.

(Bonus tip 5: Keep an “eye” out for the water fountain next to the restrooms on your way out of Galaxy’s Edge and next to Critter Country. There’s an interesting fellow swimming around in the tank reserves.)

Milk Stand

Disneyland Resort

Yes, you can finally enjoy Luke’s favorite beverage at this popular stand (again, be sure to use mobile ordering) located to your left just past the eastern entrance of Galaxy’s Edge. The milk in question here is actually of the rice and coconut variety meaning this is a non-dairy, plant-based beverage that also happens to be frozen. The iconic blue milk is flavored with dragon fruit, pineapple, lime, and watermelon while the green variation is citrus forward with a ‘90s neon spandex pop of color. Both options fall under the category of “nice to try once” but neither are particularly worth revisiting especially with a $7.99 price tag.

Kat Saka’s Kettle

Disneyland Resort

Craving a to-go snack?  Then a stop at Kat Saka’s is in order. Their sole option is the Outpost Popcorn Mix. It’s your standard kettle corn but its sweet and spicy seasoning and multi-colored hue keep things interesting.

Oga’s Cantina

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If you’re like me and have dreamed for years about getting your drink on in an establishment similar to the one where Han without a doubt shot Greedo first, your dreams can finally come true. Oga’s Cantina is certainly one of the highlights of Galaxy’s Edge but be prepared for some curveballs before you pay a visit. First things first, you MUST make a reservation (see above for all the details on how to accomplish that). Once you arrive at your assigned time, you’ll likely come across a long line to get into the cantina. Just go to the back where someone will check you in and then prepare yourself for a 20 minute wait—it’s Disneyland after all.

Seating is extremely limited at Oga’s and there’s a very good chance you and your party will be given a spot to stand around the bar or at one of several high-top tables around the cantina where you will likely be joined by other patrons. If you need a place to sit, inform the person who checks you in that you’d like to request a booth (though you will likely encounter an additional wait). Also keep in mind that your stay will be limited to 45 minutes.

All right, let’s get to the fun part! I won’t get into all the weird and wonderful details that have been woven into the Oga’s experience—don’t want to ruin all the surprises—but definitely take the time to explore and be on the lookout for Easter eggs. The atmosphere is infectious with RX-24 (of Star Tours fame) keeping the party going as the cantina’s resident DJ. Yes, he does play the Cantina Band Song (a remix, to be precise) and the sensation is basically like hearing “Born to Run” at a Jersey dive bar.

Disneyland Resort

Speaking of which, this is indeed primarily a bar and food service is extremely limited. In the mornings you’ll have a choice between the Mustafarian Lava Roll and Rising Moon Overnight Oats while the sole option the remainder of the day is an upscale sweet and savory snack mix called Batuu Bits.

When to comes to the drinks here, the options are plentiful and the decision making is tough. You can only order a maximum of two alcoholic drinks per person (the happiest place on Earth doesn’t welcome drunks) so choose wisely. Unless you’re not a fan of the hard stuff, I’d skip the wine and beer and focus on the fantastical cocktails which are essentially a reflection of the Mad Hatter’s mixology fever dreams.

Drinks are pretty much pre-made, so no substitutions, but you’ll have no trouble finding a libation that suits your palate—not to mention, light up your Instagram feed. Essentially, these are cocktails you wouldn’t normally find in our galaxy: the margarita-inspired The Outer Rim is highlighted with a dollop of exotic fruit puree and a black salt rim; Jet Juice pairs bourbon with a chile liqueur; the vodka-based T-16 Skyhopper combines sweet, sour, and creamy thanks to the addition of melon liqueur, kiwi, and half-and-half. My personal favorite is the refreshing Fuzzy Tauntaun, a peachy concoction topped with a bubble bath topping of tongue-numbing foam (anyone who’s tried Sichuan peppercorns will be familiar with the sensation).

Disneyland Resort

For early morning imbibers, there are even a couple of breakfast-only cocktails: Spiran Caf for the spiked-coffee fans and Bloody Rancor for Bloody Mary enthusiasts.

There are also several options for the kids too. The Jabba Juice and Carbon Freeze are particular favorites thanks to the addition of “Wortt eggs” which are laid on the premises. Blue milk and green milk are also available but it’s pricier than purchasing it at the Milk Stand—though it does come topped with a tasty cookie.

If you want to take home a souvenir glass, order a Yub Nub off the cocktail menu for an Endor tiki mug or the non-alcoholic Cliff Dweller if you heart Porgs.  Just be prepared to fork over some extra cash.

(Bonus Tip 6: If you want a free souvenir, ask for an extra coaster or two. You can also bring home a park-exclusive BB-8-shaped bottle of Coke, Diet Coke, or Sprite which are sold at various vendors throughout Galaxy’s Edge including in the middle of the Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run ride.)

Disneyland Resort

Of course, there’s plenty more to do at Galaxy’s Edge beyond eating and drinking. Make sure you allot plenty of time to explore the grounds, peruse the souvenirs in the multiple gift shops, interact with the characters (don’t fear the stormtroopers), and enjoy the thrill of Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. Just be careful piloting the hunk of junk after downing a couple of Dagobah Slug Slingers.

Note: Passes to the park were provided by Disneyland but all food and beverage purchases were paid for out-of-pocket.

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