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Chowhound’s Editor at Large shares picks for drink of the summer. It’s like a song of the summer….only drinkable.

The summer heat has gone from pleasant to downright offensive and nothing is more satisfying right now than an ice-cold beverage (aside from air conditioning, of course). Or is it? We put 11 new and extremely different drinks to the ultimate taste test (thank you, interns!). From new beers to sparkling water, health shots, rosé, and even some hard kombucha, there is a sipper for every type of person and preference. Some were winners, others were definitely not. Scroll down and check out our new favorite summer drinks and those that let us down.

JuneShine Hard Kombucha


JuneShine is a new hard kombucha brand out of San Diego. The boozy booch comes in a few super fun flavors like blood orange mint, acai berry and my personal favorite, rosé. The founders of JuneShine aimed to make a perfect beach booze made from all good stuff with no chemicals and lucky for us it tastes really great, too. JuneShine has less of an intense a kombucha taste than other brands meaning you can drink more than one. And ooooh did I!

Cucumber Lime Perrier


This one earns high marks across the board. The cucumber flavor doesn’t taste artificial, nor is it too overpowering. It reminds the team of the water you get at a luxury spa before a massage appointment. Very crisp, very refreshing, and an excellent addition to your next sparkling water haul.

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O’Doul’s Non-Alcoholic Beer


Those on the market for a non-alcoholic beer will be fine with O’Doul’s classic recipe. It tastes somewhat like beer, is not entirely off-putting, and is served in an adorably designed can. That being said, hardcore beer drinkers will be undoubtedly disappointed with its cardboard-esque aftertaste. We’ll give them credit for the “extra smooth” mouthfeel, though, as it is definitely easy to wash down with food like chicken wings.

No Fine Print Lil Fizz Wine

No Fine Print

Lil Fizz should highly reconsider changing its name to “Lot of Fizz” because holy bubbles, Batman, this can is carbonated. The taste is a little all over the place with the wine starting sweet, but ending on a somewhat unpleasant sour note. One serving is fine, but we feel like anything beyond a single can will become borderline headache-inducing.

Shot X Post-Drink Liver Care

The Shot X

Everything about this didn’t really work for the group (other than the flavor, for some). The color is dehydrated urine yellow and the taste is saline with a bit of citrus added to it. We were especially disappointed to find that the flavor didn’t match its terrific Creamsicle smell. While the intention of alleviating hangovers is greatly appreciated, this may do more harm than good by making you want to vom.

New Wave Soda

New Wave Soda

If you’re suffering from seltzer fatigue but not looking to go whole hog soda, might we suggest New Wave Soda? A sparkling beverage lightly sweeteend and flavored with all-natural juices and waaaay fewer carbs, sugar, and calories than your average soda. The different flavors like tangerine blackberry and mango were met with different reactions from our team but the cucumber—which had a subtle pear and lemon sweetness—was a huge hit and only 15 calories per can.

Wild Basin Boozy Sparkling Water (Black Raspberry)

Wild Basin

Overall, we are big fans of Wild Basin’s line of boozy sparkling waters and think it’s definitely a great alternative to Truly, White Claw, and Bon & Viv. The black raspberry flavor is powerful, though, and may be too intense for those looking for something a bit on the lighter side. This just means you’ll have to try them all and decide on a favorite yourself. It’s pool season, after all.

Oskar Blues Brewery Rosé for Daze

Oskar Blues

This is, perhaps, the most polarizing drink of the bunch. While many were obsessed with its foaminess and subtle rosé taste, others gagged over its malt base and found it borderline disrespectful to the taste buds. It does go down pretty well, though, which makes it both dangerous and amazing. One thing to note: We got zero hibiscus and prickly pear notes, which was a bit of a letdown. Whomp, whomp.

WineSociety Chance Rosé Bubbles


We’re really into this bubbly rosé from WineSociety’s Chance line and think it is their best canned offering yet (opinions are mixed on their flat varietals). You also get a hefty 500 ml in a single can, only 250 ml short of a bottle, and that alcohol volume really speaks to us. So yes, we will be ordering these by the case. And no, you’ll have to order your own.

Rooted Shots

Rooted Shoots

Conceptually, these are a pretty snazzy and simple way to get your daily dose of vitamin C (and the health benefits of superfoods like ginger and turmeric!). Just don’t expect them to be overly sweet because, well, they’re not. We definitely recommend taking them as a shot, rather than dumping them into a larger drink. The more potent, the more palatable.

Header image courtesy of O'Douls

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