When you first hear about a new food-related gadget, do you sometimes have a hard time deciding whether it’s a helpful addition to the world or a sign of the Apocalypse? I do—especially when the gadget in question is this portable microwave. Popgadget swoons over it in a post this week:

While travelling on the highway or in a remote location, you no longer have to miss out on your favorite food or drink. All you need to do is plug in the WaveBox into any AC/DC outlet or to your car’s cigarette lighter outlet and you’re on your way to rustle up grub for your stomach. […] For me, [the WaveBox’s] capability to ignite enough heat to warm my food during my long travels is sufficient reason to invest in one.

This micro-mini—which is priced at $199 and already backordered through April—comes with a cooler that will keep your food chilled until you’re ready to cook it up. So theoretically, it would enable you to take those delicious leftover bacon-flecked string beans on a long car trip and heat them up for a quick lunch, thus sparing yourself the unpleasantness of munching on solidified pork fat.

Then again, it would also allow you to travel with a coolerful of Lean Cuisines, or bypass the grill at your next picnic in favor of something quicker, like microwaved quesadillas. And these scenarios somehow seem much more likely than the one with the string beans.

While the microwave thing might be a good solution for long-haul truckers, I’m going to go ahead and say that for everyone else the 69-pound travel grill discussed on Slashfood is really the way to go.

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