It sounds like a late night infomercial—get healthy by drinking soda! As Coke and Pepsi prepare to introduce vitamin-fortified versions of their products, the public debates the concept of “healthy soda.”

An article yesterday in The New York Times titled “Makers of Soda Try a New Pitch” looks at the impending rollout of Diet Coke Plus and Tava (by Pepsi), soft drinks that have been fortified with vitamins in an attempt to make them more appealing to an increasingly health-absorbed public.

“They will be promoted as ‘sparkling beverages,’” the article reports. “The companies are not calling them soft drinks because people are turning away from traditional soda, which has been hurt in part by publicity about its link to obesity.”

But soda—now “healthy”? Even the president of a food and beverage consulting firm calls it “a joke.”

The topic has clearly hit a nerve, at current count there are 439 comments on the Times website in response to the article. Responses run the gamut with a large number of readers crying foul, though the idea does also have its supporters.

To categorize artificial sugar water under health and welfare is indeed more than a joke. It is a symptom of the ignorance of American’s concerning a healthy diet.

With the plethora of flavored “healthy” water and “Natural Foods” nostrums on the market; why not give the corporate charlatans a chance? It’s “healthy” competition!

I’m 62, I drink a sixpack of Diet-Coke every eight hours, I’ve never had any kind of disease, and I can bench press my own weight…Gimme my Vitamin C Diet-Coke!

Sure soda can be healthy, as soon as pigs get wings. All this is nothing more than pure marketing to a nation of gluttons.

Great News! My Family can drink all the soda we want and get healthy while we drink. A wonderful message to give to the many families who have no understanding of nutrition.

Heck, with the amount of diet Pepsi I purchase, perhaps I could afford another Pepsi by saving on vitamin supplements…

This just shows how desperate the soft drink companies have become. Fast food restaurants tried the same thing by introducing so-called healthy foods…If I want vitamins, I’ll eat a piece of fruit. If I want a Coke, I’ll drink a coke. Don’t insult my intelligence.

Coca-Cola is not responsible for obesity in America. You can blame that on America’s appetite and complete lack of restraint. Staying fit is your own responsibility; don’t blame the company if you can’t use their product in moderation.

Next they’ll be selling us cigarettes with vitamin D and Echinacea…

Now with all the added extras, vitamins and minerals, sodas can be more dangerous if one drinks too much. Remember the toxicity limits for some of the vitamins, Vitamin A for instance. Beware manufacturers, you may be sued later.

The only people who will believe this campaign are the people who want to believe.

Puleeze. Someone needs to strike a dagger into corporate America’s heart…it’s trying to kill us!!

America has created in the past a healthy fast food burger and a healthy fast food breakfast. There is no reason why we can’t have a healthy soft drink.

Of course the final word might be this one: “Healthy Coke? Sure, it’s possible. Take out the bad stuff and market what’s left— a nice can of water. Now THAT’s healthy!”

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