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Grandma’s potato salad, refreshing shandies, and patriotic popsicles have surely been welcomed additions to our summer diets, but at Chowhound, we’re *always* excited about the latest and greatest cereals and granolas to hit the market. And this month is no exception. Seven new products have graced us with their presence, but are they worthy of a spot on your future grocery list? To help you decide, we held an office taste test to critique, compare, and ultimately determine the best of what’s lining shelves. Check out everything we tried, as well as our overall thoughts below. The results may surprise you!

Bob’s Red Mill Pan-Baked Granola (Lemon Blueberry)

This was, perhaps, the most unique option of the bunch. But did a foray into muffin flavor territory pay off for beloved Bob’s Red Mill? Why yes, yes it did. In fact, this may have been the room’s overall favorite. The granola had almost a buttery after-bite with subtle, citrusy lemon at the forefront. It also wasn’t too sweet, which means it’d lend itself nicely as a pastry topping or layer in parfait. Two very enthusiastic spoons up!

Overheard in the Room:

“I loved this granola! It tasted just like a lemon poppyseed muffin and would be amazing in yogurt. This is the one I’d buy, for sure.”

“There’s something about the texture and flavor that makes it seem artisanal and not mass-produced.”

“This definitely is on par with the rest of Bob’s Red Mill products. It would taste delicious in a yogurt or even as an ice cream topping.”

Peanut Butter Chex

This was our second favorite offering from the bunch. If you don’t love the bold flavors of peanut butter (um, why?), you’ll appreciate this more subdued approach to America’s favorite spread. We’re also dying to use this in a Puppy Chow recipe because duh. Combine it with a drizzle of chocolate and you’ll be in Reese’s heaven.

Overheard in the Room:

“It’s surprisingly addictive and uses a better peanut butter than its Captain Crunch competitor.”

“I think the peanut butter flavor combined with the lightness of Chex was a great match because most peanut butter cereals are too dense for my liking.”

“This was my favorite because the the peanut butter wasn’t overpowering. It also tasted just as good without milk.”

Bubba’s Grain-Free Ungranola (Bourbon Vanilla)

The chewy texture play with coconut and bananas was very nice, but the vanilla was pretty overwhelming and a bit one-noted. That being said, these would seem to fare better if added to a yogurt, oatmeal, or even a cookie. They just don’t hold up well enough on their own, especially if sitting in milk. We’re still a huge fan of Bubba’s, though. Nothing compares to their trail mixes and plantain chips. Mmm.

Overheard in the Room:

“There’s a strong coconut taste, if you’re into that. I think this would work better in a yogurt parfait.”

“I loved the crunch and the bananas. There are no artificial ingredients and it’s grain-free, so I would most likely buy this one.”

“It tasted mostly of coconut, which I don’t like, and the vanilla had a very off-putting taste. Pass.”

Catalina Crunch Keto-Friendly Cereal (Maple Waffle)

We are somewhat obsessed with the keto-friendly cereal movement. Providing a grain and sugar-free breakfast alternative that maintains crunch and familiar breakfast flavors is already getting massive points in our book. This was just okay, though. It’s definitely not the worst-tasting “healthy” cereal on the market, but it’s hard to make an impact when you’re surrounded by decadent cereals and granolas that don’t skimp on the sugar or calories. Definitely try them for yourself because they’re designed to be polarizing.

Overheard in the Room:

“I’m shocked at how good these tasted. They also tasted the most like breakfast—it was like waffles in little bite-sized squares.”

“It starts delicious and then turns awful.”

“They’re fine. They’re never going to compare to sugary cereals, but I’m not mad at them, especially if I need something to nosh on while dieting.”

Nature Valley Big & Crunchy Granola (Oats and Dark Chocolate)

Surprisingly, these didn’t taste much like chocolate. Nor did they work too well in milk. They were basically chopped up Nature Valley granola bars disguised as granola with cute packaging. Some will be okay with this, while others will call it a travesty. We were, overall, a bit indifferent. They were fine, they were filling, but were the memorable? Not really.

Overheard in the Room:

“The chunks of granola are pretty big. I think this would make for a better snack than breakfast.”

“I really liked these because they reminded me of hard brownies. The only downside was that they dried my mouth out a little.”

“It didn’t have a very strong dark chocolate flavor, which was a bummer. It was fine, but not something I’d rush to buy.”

Mermaid Cereal

If you’re going to advertise yourself as a mermaid’s cereal of choice, then you better do something that’s flashy and visually compelling (like edible glitter or even marshmallows). Unfortunately, these fell extremely short in the marketing department, but they were a real winner with taste by satisfying the fruity cereal nostalgia that we so frequently crave.

Overheard in the Room:

“Yum! Tastes exactly like Fruit Loops. I feel like I am at my grandparents’ house again!”

“My 6-year-old self would have gone crazy over these, but they should have pushed the mermaid theme further.”

“Whomp, whomp. These were a huge letdown. I was expecting fish-shaped pieces or something a little more special, but these just look and taste like busted Apple Jacks.”

Raisin Bran Crunch (Vanilla Almond)

Were the vanilla granola crunches and almond slices and excellent addition? Absolutely! The spice was nice and the texture was soft and palatable. Can we justify the amount of sugar that is jam-packed into this cereal, thanks mostly to the raisins? Not so much. Raisin Bran is a classic and this iteration is great, but we’re wondering if there’s any way they can make a more nutritious option that appeals to the health-conscious masses. If we’re going to have that much sugar, you may as well just give us the Mermaid Cereal.

Overheard in the Room:

“The raisins are way too sweet, but the rest of the vanilla flavor is really good.”

“I liked this one and really enjoyed the addition of the almond slices until I realized how much sugar was in it.”

“If you’re a fan of Raisin Bran, you’re going to love this one. If you’re not, then you’ll just think they’re meh.”

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