Chowhound is 22 years young today. That’s over 8,000 days of community posts and threads, shared recipes, cooking tips, restaurant recommendations, product reviews, conversations, and even a few, let’s call them…”disagreements.”

The thorough—and often entertaining—threads on everything from very serious risotto recipes to favorite food moments on Seinfeld from the community members, or “Hounds,” is undoubtedly the lifeblood of Chowhound, and nobody knows the quirks and nuance of these threads better than Hounds themselves. As part of our 22nd birthday celebration, we’ve asked some of Chowhound’s most prolific posters about their all-time favorite and most memorable community posts and threads.

Here’s what they said…

Dutch oven — if not ECI, then what?

Le Creuset Dutch Oven

I’m mostly active in the cookware forum. There are numerous threads I could recall but one that was quite recently was a discussion on dutch ovens. The thread is memorable because lots of viewpoints were exchanged on the pros and cons for different types of material for dutch ovens and the importance of having a good fit for the dish you’re making. The thread also digressed to recipes for stews, and even cocktails! I’m always interested in learning about which pan to use for what dish and this thread have lots of interesting views on this.

Guest insists on bringing a dish…rude??

The first one that springs to mind is SanHoseHound’s lengthy thread about a guest wanting to bring his wife’s ‘special recipe ribs’ to her party, and what she should do about it. What do you think?

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The View From My Kitchen Window

One Hound recalls this sweet thread in which Chowhound Harters, posted a picture and posed a very simple question to which hundreds of Hounds answered with pictures and comments of their own. 

originally posted by Harters

How to transport a baked cake in your carryon luggage and layer/frost at your destination, with recipes

Because…you never know. 

Eating & Sleeping Outside of Paris

Started by Mangeur, and contributed to by many France Board regulars, collecting favorite Chambre d’Hotes in the smaller cities and countryside of France. This thread included a lot of practical advice but also was enjoyable even if you are only an armchair traveler to France. 

Frugal, Tasty Recipes for Families on Public Assistance

Anyone who has tried to feed a family on the allotment from SNAP (what we used to call Food Stamps) knows how very difficult it is to maintain a healthy diet and cook appealing meals while on a pittance of a fixed income.

At the End of My Rope — Please Help

Started by a long-time lurker desperate for advice on improving her cooking skills. Over 200 posts in response with a wide variety of suggestions. This is the thread that best exemplifies the “community” of hounds who really care for & support each other, especially on Home Cooking. The user even followed up with a report on her progress.

Splendido — having an off night?

Personally, I can still recall vividly the response I made years ago to a posting on the ‘old chowhound ‘ thread that helped to launch my journey as a fraternity member on this food blogging world. Subsequent to this posting, I received a personal e-mail from the owner and chef of Splendido informing me that my comments were taken so seriously by their entire team, that a total revamped of their menu and business modus operandi has been carried out!

The result? Splendido was voted ‘ Canada’s BEST restaurant ‘ the following year! I was also invited to give their new menu and approach a try and this was my following write-up.

Table Talk

I very much appreciate the chowhound threads asking famous chefs questions. I went to Vietnam earlier this year and got some valuable tips on where to eat from Andrea Nguyen in Table Talk



What is the Worst Wedding Reception Dinner that You Ever Had?

RedTop’s hilarious post about a wedding reception where the featured entrée was grilled possum from the thread on the subject of (most of the other posts were predictable complaints about cash bars).

 “What are your Family’s Top 10 Favorite Meals

This was one of my first posts. I’ve added several new favorites for my own family. It’s not “just” shared recipes and menus.  Snippets of laughter (and sometimes sighs of frustration) about everyday happenings and shared sweet memories of family cooks no longer with us have all been part of our Home Cooking community.

I joined the site just 7 years ago in 2012 when another site I’d actively participated in closed down, and now I visit most days browsing/commenting in the Home Cooking community. I like the generous sharing of recipes, techniques, and planning ideas of this group.

Cookbook of the Month recipes so good you’ve made them at least 3 times, Quick and Easy Weeknight Edition

Lookout for more cookbook of the month threads. A favorite series among the Chowhound community.

best classic retro cookbooks to have

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