There’s not much competition for Chinese Islamic restaurants since Tung Lai Shun went Taiwanese, but Ma’s beats out China Islamic by far on food and decor, says Das Ubergeek.

The star of any meal here is the sesame bread—an order of the thin kind gets you five scrumptious rounds about a foot wide. Dough-cut noodles with lamb are perfectly done, just slightly al dente in the center, although the lamb is, well, lamb-y. Moo shu chicken consists of four pancakes stuffed to burrito size…there’s nothing skimpy about the portions here.

Try the lamb with pickled cabbage, suggests OCchowman. The slightly crunchy cabbage masks the odor of lamb. Sauteed pea shoots are garlicky and wonderful.

And despite some reservations about the place’s authenticity, Chandavkl loves the dish of broad mung bean noodles.

Note that this is a serious halal restaurant—there’s no alcohol and a “modest” dress code (one family wearing shorts got turned away).

Ma’s Chinese Islamic [North OC]
601 E. Orangethorpe Ave., Anaheim

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