Oh, will these celebrity excesses never stop? Rap star Kanye West gets a hankering for a very particular curry and will pay close to four thousand dollars for it. Normally, noshing down on chapati, bhajee, some veggies, a special fish, and a few pappadums would run you about seventeen-some dollars, but that’s only when you don’t have it delivered 3000 miles from Wales.

Kanye got wind of this Welsh gourmet gem from fellow rapper, Snoop Dogg, who also appears to have a taste for the hot and the spicy.

An extensive bout of Googling turned up no reviews of this restaurant, however, a blog called The Welsh View has decided: “I’m going to have to visit this restaurant to see what all the fuss is about.”

According to multiple articles:

The meal will be prepared, cooled, shrink-wrapped and packed in dry ice in the British Raj’s kitchens and —along with head chef Kaysor Ahmed —will be helicoptered from Wales to London’s Heathrow Airport on Tuesday.

Given the state of airline food these days, I suggest that Kaysor Ahmed sleep with one eye open during his international flight.

Calling all the oh, so many stories about the above “patently false,” Kanye West’s publicist has issued a statement saying that the rap star is not the one who ordered the $3900 curry from Wales. Apparently, West will not even be in New York when the food —which IS on its way —will be delivered.

The restaurant confirmed Tuesday that the food was en route to New York by plane. It said the bill was being footed by a promotion company called Raw Soul. Several phone messages left for Raw Soul were not returned.

Huh. I guess they’re going to have A LOT of leftovers. Maybe I should help them out with that.

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