In our experience, plowing through a box of chocolate truffles gets our kundalini energy whipped up just fine. But a Kansas City blogger out there turned us onto Vosges Chocolates’ new Yoga + Chocolate Chakra Box: seven handmade truffles in flavors like curry and balsamic vinegar, each with an assigned yoga pose and a description of its chakra-aligning (or opening, or whatever’s supposed to be happening to your chakras when you’re lying on the couch eating truffles) possibilities.

This is the same Chicago-based company that once offered a chocolate collection inspired by skankmeister actor Vincent Gallo, and filled its “Rooster” truffle with taleggio cheese. But you’ll have to hit the Vegas store for freebies; after sampling giveaways from the “mystery box” of seconds in Sin City, a poster on user-review site Yelp lamented, ” The staff [in the New York store] looked at me as if I was insane when I asked if they gave out samples.” Not enough? The company also runs chocolate-and-yoga workshops around the country, as well as week-long deluxe retreats in Oaxaca, Mexico—conveniently, also the home of the famous chocolate-based mole sauce.

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