gordon wing has been won over by the lengua (tongue) special at La Perla Taqueria. It’s one of the best preparations of tongue ever – braised with lots of vegetables, like green beans, potatoes, bell pepper, jalapeno, tomato, and carrots, until tender and savory. It’s available only on Wednesdays, it comes with chips, salsa, and delicious tortillas, and it costs $7.00. katya likes the pineapple agua fresca.

And if you like lengua, sfoperalover highly recommends the tongue at Panchita’s #3. The place is not so much a taqueria and more of a Nuevo Latino cuisine place, but the braised tongue is absolutely incredible.

La Perla Taqueria Restaurant [South Bay]
1150 Mcginness Ave., San Jose

Panchita’s #3 [Mission]
3115 22nd St., San Francisco

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