Dragon pudding, the return of S’mores Oreos, and lemon tea-infused Bud Light? What a time to be alive! This week’s Chub Chub Chowdown segment on the Taylor Strecker Show featured a variety of new snacks and bevs to hit the market and they did NOT disappoint. Well, some of them didn’t, at least. Curious to see what we enjoyed most? You’ll have to scroll down!

Snack Pack Pudding (Dragon Treasure)

Oh, Snack Pack. We love your attempts to weave yourself into the fabric of pop culture. First you had unicorn pudding, which was surprisingly delicious, and now dragon—an opportunity to be part of the “Game of Thrones” conversation. Unfortunately, this one was a bit of a miss for us. We can see the appeal with children, but its apple flavor was an afterthought to its ridiculously bright red and green colors. We would have almost preferred to have these peppermint-flavored and with a Christmastime debut. Fun idea, but “dracarys” to the employee who approved this recipe.

Lesser Evil Egg White Curls

Looking to cut grains out of your diet to become a keto queen or paleo princess? These are a great start! While they certainly don’t cut carbs altogether, they pack a protein punch with significantly lower calories than their chip and pretzel counterparts. And we dig ’em. They have an excellent crunch and flavor (egg and cheese was our fav), though we’re not the biggest fans of huevos rancheros. Once opening the bag, there was a very questionable smell.

S’mores Oreos

It’s pretty damn hard to mess up an Oreo and its limited edition s’mores flavor is no exception. We love that graham-flavored cookie and super fudgey inside, but there is literally zero trace of marshmallow. S’mores purists may be disappointed with this fact, but we don’t mind. More for us.

Lemon Tea Bud Light

Calling it now, folks: This is the drink of summer 2019! Bud Light’s Lemon Tea provides the perfect balance of sweetness, citrus, and hops for a light, refreshing beer that even beer-haters will enjoy. We can totally see us chugging this bad boy at a beach barbecue or tailgate or in bed after a long week of work. It’s a judgment-free zone here.

Lee Kum Kee Grilling and Dipping Sauce (Sweet and Spicy)

Holy sugar content, Batman. While the spicy-sweet flavor is awesome and lends itself perfectly to fried chicken, we can’t get over the 13 grams of sugar found in just two tablespoons. Buy it, enjoy it, but use it sparingly…and maybe just for grilling. A little goes a long way!

Godiva Chocolate Festival Gold Collection

The marketing attempt is cute and we love the addition of popping candy in one of the milk chocolate varieties, but sometimes collections like these remind us that “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Nothing beats Godiva’s signature line of chocolates and truffles and while these would make an excellent gift for your favorite summer concertgoer, we’ll still take a hazelnut open oyster any day.

Brach’s Double Dipped Milk Chocolate Hazelnuts

They’re chocolate-covered hazelnuts: nothing more, nothing less. We weren’t blown away, but they’re fine for a mid-afternoon snack to satisfy a pesky sweet tooth. Frankly, we prefer their almonds. These remind us of a Ferrero-Rocher, but without all the fun stuff. Without the fun stuff, you just have, well, a chocolate-covered hazelnut.

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