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A funky food tie is truly a perfect Father’s Day present for the quirky dad who loves a gag (and food!). If there’s one thing that has become a Father’s Day staple, it’s the necktie—but leave boring stripes and paisley for a normal dad. Your dad is a grillmaster extraordinaire or a student of the French culinary tradition. Or maybe he just loves to order tacos and pizza and pretend he’s a gourmand. Either way, check out these amazing, fun, food-inspired neckties.

Chicken Wings & Legs

Chicken Wing Necktie, $19.95 from Buffalo Wing Wear

buffalo wing tie


Do you have a wing junkie dad? If so, he can loudly and proudly proclaim his proclivity for chicken wings with this neck garment. It’s navy with small patterned orange wings, so it should “go” with a bunch of dad wardrobe staples. Like jeans. And khakis.Buy Now

Chicken Leg Tie, $22.81 from Etsy

chicken drumstick tie

Pink and Dink/Etsy

If he prefers drumsticks, this fried chicken leg tie is also pretty understated, and would pair well with most of dad’s wardrobe.Buy Now

Hot Dogs

Hot Dog Tie, $28 from Amazon

hot dog tie


I don’t know about you, but there are few father-child pastime activities like watching a ballgame. And the signature food staple at the ballgame? Hot dogs, of course (no offense to peanuts and Cracker Jack). If you and your pop spent time chowing down on some franks at the game, this tie might have a particular sentimentality. What’s more, because of the pattern and colors, he might be able to get away with incorporating it into his bi-weekly tie rotation for work (if he still wears a tie for work…).Buy Now

Hot Dog Tie with Mustard, $18.95 on Amazon

hot dog tie with mustard


Do you think he’d prefer something that makes more of a…statement? Can’t go wrong with this bad boy. Who wouldn’t want to wear a picture of a giant hot dog on a glorified scarf hanging from their neck? Especially perfect for the dad who feels strongly about never putting ketchup on hot dogs.Buy Now


Silk Fish Taco Tie, $48 on Amazon

silk fish taco tie


Is your dad angling to eat tacos every Tuesday? And Friday? And Saturday? Maybe he’d appreciate a taco tie. This one features the fish variety, and is a bit more subdued.Buy Now

Beef Taco Tie, $9.98+ on Amazon

taco tie


Want something more in-your-face to match dad’s in-your-face demeanor? I’d go with this one, with large, detailed taco illustrations on a lime-green background. Perfect.Buy Now


Pepperoni Pizza Tie, $28 on Amazon

pepperoni pizza tie


I think I’ve only met one person who’s ever claimed to dislike pizza, and for all I know, it was a joke. Had to be, right? Who doesn’t like pizza? So, chances are, your dad likes pizza. Which is why this tie would be perfect. Alright, alright, this tie is perfect because it’s unapologetically a close-up pic of pepperoni and cheese. I wouldn’t wear this to court, but a family party? Game on!Buy Now

Tiny Pizza Slices Tie, $29.10 from Zazzle

pizza tie


Conversely, here is a pizza-packed tie that you probably could get away with wearing on official business.Buy Now


Black Sushi Tie, $18.95+ on Amazon

sushi tie


Does your dad love sushi? Is he the kind of guy that loves to make dad jokes with silly puns? If he doesn’t take things too seriously, he might get a kick out of this tie that features pictures of sushi. If so, this one is your best bet.Buy Now

Gray Sushi Tie, $16 from Etsy

sushi tie

Kassiy’s Kolset/Etsy

That being said, if your dad is the kind of guy that would be more appreciative of a tie that he can incorporate more seamlessly into his wardrobe, here’s one that’s a little less in your face.Buy Now


Pie Tie, $30.50 from Zazzle

pie tie


Is your old man a pie guy? Maybe he bakes. Maybe he makes sure to pick up pie for every family gathering. Maybe he just eats a lot of pie. Whatever the case may be, this tie depicting various classic pie styles could be just the thing to give to dad for his day.Buy Now

Fast Food

Vintage Junk Food Tie, $12 from Etsy

vintage junk food tie

Vintage Tie Shoppe/Etsy

Chips? Subs? Soda? Guys love that stuff. (Yes, I know not every guy). This tie incorporates it all—plus ice cream and candy. But, the thing I like? It’s a one-of-a-kind, genuine vintage option (yes, stuff from the ’90s counts as vintage now), so dad will probably never run into another guy wearing the exact same tie.Buy Now

French Fry Tie, $22.81 from Etsy

french fry tie

Pink and Drink/Etsy

For something a bit more subtle, this pick is perfect for semi-casual Fridays. If he’s a combo guy, you can always give him a burger tie to go with his fries.Buy Now

Tacos & Pizza…& a Cat

Taco-Pizza-Cat Tie, $27.75 from Zazzle

taco cat pizza space tie


Does your dad hate wearing ties? Does he think it’s a ridiculous, antiquated, nonsensical part of a man’s attire? Does he appreciate rubbing people’s faces in arbitrary or arcane practices, and showing the world who’s boss? If that sounds like your pops, he’d love this tie. “Oh, I have to wear a tie? How do you like this tie!” It’s a cat. Eating pizza. And a taco. In space. It makes no sense. And if your dad is what was just described above, he thinks wearing ties makes no sense, and he’ll love it.Buy Now


Salmon Tie Clip, $19.99+ from Amazon

wooden salmon tie clip


Is dad an accessorizer? He might enjoy a tie clip. “What’s a tie clip?” you ask? Well, it’s a clip, that holds your tie in place. Tie clips are still somewhat in style, and they are extremely functional. I hate when my tie slides around and doesn’t stay centered. If your dad could use one (and he likes salmon), this one will do the trick.Buy Now


Steak Tie Clip, $19.99+ from Amazon

steak tie clip


Maybe daddio would really appreciate a tie clip, but he’s not a seafood guy. If he’s the type that prefers steak, never fear! You can get a laser-engraved steak one instead!Buy Now

That does it for me. Hopefully you got some great ideas. As a dad, I’m gonna let you in a little secret. At the end of the day, we like to laugh, spend time with our kids, and eat on Father’s Day. If we get a gift, it’s icing on the cake. Some of these ties (or clips) will bring a laugh. Others might actually slide into his wardrobe on a regular basis. Whatever the case, as long as you’re there giving it to him, he’ll be a happy camper. And if you can’t be there in person, try to Facetime him. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there!

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