The Reverend Billy of the Church of Stop Shopping fired up the crowd at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery last night, a crowd that had just gorged itself on arepas, dosas, tacos, and gyros. (And by “crowd,” we include certain members of the CHOW editorial team.) The event, produced by the Urban Justice Center’s Street Vendor Project, brought together this year’s four nominees, their carts, and a couple of hundred people willing to pay $50 for all the street food they could eat. The lines were long, but Gothamist’s Laren Spirer appears to have stuck it out to the bitter end. The New York Daily News leads with a few choice puns in announcing the winner:

Samiul Haque Noor was sizzling with pride last night as he carted off New York’s top street food vendor award.

And Eater, while congratulating Sammy, throws its support behind one of the other nominees, the Vendley brothers of the Calexico taco cart. Of course, all the vendors are winners in our book—but we do agree with Top Chowhound Jim Leff that the Arepa Lady (scroll down for his podcast with her) really shines.

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