Have you been eyeing an Instant Pot pressure cooker—one of the clear breakout kitchen gadget stars in recent memory—but have yet pulled the trigger? Well, you’ve run out of excuses.  Sur la Table is making it nearly impossible to say no to the Instant Pot revolution with a sale starting today Friday, May 17 through Sunday, May 19. Two of the Instant Pot premium models—the Instant Pot 6-quart Ultra and the Instant Pot 8-quart Aura—are slashed down to just $99.96 and $79.96 per unit, down from suggested retail prices of $149.95 and $300 respetively.

We’re not shy about singing praise for the Instant Pot 10-in-1 multi-use programmable pressure cooker as an incredible time-saving hack for everything from dinner parties to school lunches, Sunday stews, and lots of eating healthy. I can attest that my Instant Pot has saved me on countless occasions when I was either too tired or uninspired to take my shoes off when I got home, never mind cook.

Instant Pot Ultra 6-Quart 10-in-1 Multi-Cookers, $99.96 on Sur la Table

The Instant Pot Ultra is a (*takes a deep breath*) pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice & porridge cooker, cake maker, yogurt maker, sauté & searing, steamer, warmer, sterilizer, and a partridge in a pear tree. It really can do more per square inch than most cooking devices, and does it well too. Easy to use (and clean) the Instant Pot is an addition to your kitchen arsenal that you can easily use every week, if not more.See It

If the Ultra sells out, (which it’s likely to) you can also steal the 8-quart Instant Pot Aura for less than $80, now and for a limited time.

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