Grilled Country-Style Pork Ribs
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From steaks and sausages and slabs of ribs, to burgers, hot dogs, pork chops, and chicken, there is no meat that doesn’t taste fantastic cooked on the grill. But don’t just toss on a porterhouse and hope for the best. Get our help at various points along the way and learn how to make perfect grilled meat.

Beginning with safe food storage and handling (because nothing wrecks a summer BBQ like salmonella) and continuing through the first kiss of marinade (or dusting of dry rub) to the actual cooking process, to the final stages of pairing your grilled protein with the perfect sides and wine, these guides will help you nail every detail.

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Grilling Cheat Sheet

Here’s a brief pocket guide with notes on grilling nearly every type of meat (plus some other things for good measure), for when you just need a little reminder. See our Brief Guide to Grilling Almost Anything.

Grilled Teriyaki Pork Chop recipe


How to Prevent Foodborne Illness at Your BBQ

Raw meat can harbor potentially harmful bacteria, but as long as you store, handle, and prepare it properly, you and your guests will stay safe. Get the details on How to Store & Handle Meat Safely.

How to Marinate Different Types of Meat for the Grill

Marinades can be multi-purpose, but there are certain ingredients that pair best with specific proteins, both in flavor and in what they do to the structure of the meat itself. So check out our primer on How to Marinate Meat for Grilling, According to Chefs.

What Is the Difference Between Rubs and Marinades? 

The answer may seem obvious, but there are interesting differences in what each can do for your meat (and veggies!)—and you should know when to use which one, or maybe both. Learn all about The Difference Between Rubs and Marinades.

The Best Marinades You Can Buy

Making your own marinades is fairly easy, but when you’re crunched for time, these store-bought options are all delicious. See our picks for Best Marinades On the Market.

Filfil artisan garlic marinade

The Best Dry Rubs You Can Buy

Similarly, when you want a dry rub, you’ve got a lot of great options available to purchase too, whether you’re seasoning steak or salmon. See our list of The Best Grilling Rubs You Can Buy.

Hack a Gas Grill to Burn Hotter

Expandable grill grates and lava rocks can make your gas grill burn way hotter, resulting in even better steaks and burgers. See How to Hack Your Gas Grill to Burn Hotter.

How to Smoke Meat

Smoking meat is a whole different animal…er, activity, than grilling. If you’ve never tried it, it can seem intimidating, but here’s a basic overview so you can DIY with confidence. Learn How to Smoke Meat for Beginners.

The Best Way to Smoke Brisket According to a Pitmaster

Drilling down, let an expert teach you the finer points of perfect smoked brisket. It’s not only an art and a science, but a time commitment—and so totally worth it. See our Guide to Smoking Brisket Like a Pro.

how to smoke brisket pitmaster tips and tricks for perfect brisket


Chowhound’s Most Popular Grilling & BBQ Recipes

We’ve published a lot of grilling recipes over the years, and it’s hard for us to pick favorites, but not so for our community members. So take a look at The Most Popular Grilling & BBQ Recipes on Chowhound.

Tips & Tricks for Juicy Burgers

We called on the wisdom of the crowd for time-tested, easy ways to ensure a perfectly moist burger every time. Check out 7 Tips & Tricks for Perfect Juicy Burgers.

Why You Should Spiral-Cut Your Hot Dogs for Next-Level Summer Grilling

There’s nothing wrong with a classic kosher dog, but it’s even better spiral-cut for maximum surface area and helping toppings stay in place. See How to Spiral-Cut Hot Dogs for Grilling.

Beyond Burgers: More Interesting Proteins to Grill This Summer

Just for fun, or for when you’re bored with all the usual standbys, try something different, like alligator sausage or ostrich over open flames. Get our guide to The Most Interesting Meats to Grill at Your Next BBQ.

The Best Meat Alternatives You Can Buy for Grilling Season

Are you a vegan BBQ lover looking for a new summer fling? Or a diehard carnivore who has no idea what to cook for your vegetarian BBQ guests? Either way, you’ll be happy to have this list on hand. See our picks for The Best Meat Alternatives to Grill This Summer.

grilled steak with green bean and tomato salad


The Best Meat Delivery Subscription Services

Not everyone has access to a great butcher, but luckily, there are several high-quality meat subscription services that will deliver prime cuts of beef, chicken, pork, and more straight to your door every month. See our guide to The Best Butcher Subscription & Meat Delivery Services. (And see CNET’s picks for The Best Coolers for Summer 2019 if you need to take it on the road.)

The Best Wines to Pair with Grilled Meat

It can be tricky to pair smoky flavors and intense BBQ sauce notes with wines, but we asked some experts for their top picks, and they delivered. Check out The Best Affordable Wines to Serve with BBQ & Grilled Food.

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