A sizzling hot sale on cast iron cookware is happening now! If you don’t have a good set of cast iron cookware, can you really call yourself a cook? Just kidding (but not really). Cast iron skillets, pans, and Dutch ovens are a great investment; durable and long-lasting, delivering consistent results over a myriad of cooking styles, cuisines, and recipes. They only get better over time, too, and as you continue to season your cast iron it pays you back, imparting its base of flavor into whatever you’re cooking. And nothing distributes heat quite as evenly as cast iron can. For those slow Sunday stews, roasts or braises, cast iron is key for evenly cooked, fall-off-the-bone food.

On the downside, cast iron can be expensive, so it’s good to keep your eyes out for a deal…like now! Walmart is offering some seriously deep discounts on cast iron cookware, and if you’re looking to invest in some quality cast iron or upgrade your current kitchen arsenal, we’d seriously suggest jumping at it while supplies last! The below 5-piece set from Lodge is selling for just $69.95 $59.99, a steal compared to other retailers, like Amazon, which had it priced at more than $100 (though it’s currently on sale for $69.95 there).

Lodge 5-Piece Seasoned & Enameled Cast Iron Cookware Set, $59.99 at Walmart


This 5-piece seasoned and enameled cast iron cookware set from Lodge consists of two pre-seasoned, high-rimmed, enameled cast iron skillets (8 inches and 10.25 inches), perfect for cooking anything from steaks to chicken, Indian vegetables, and fish. The cast iron 5.5-quart Dutch oven is just the thing you’ll need for slow Sunday stews, chilis, roasts, or braised dishes like coq au vin or beef bourguignon. Finally, the 10.5-inch cast iron griddle is ace for pancakes, crepes, fried eggs, and more.Buy Now

Learn how to clean your cast iron so it lasts forever.

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