pane has been on a comfort food crawl lately, sampling some of the best food therapy options available in the area. Drown your troubles in the banh khot at Lotus Garden–so time-consuming to prepare that it’s no longer featured on the menu, but often available by request. Warm, rich, and crispy on the bottom, they’ll cure what ails you.

And try the birria at Chava’s. The thick, spicy goat stew, served with tortillas, onion, cilantro, and lime, “really hits the spot on rainy nights when you’d rather not watch Pride and Prejudice for the eleventh time,” says pane.

Caldo de pollo at El Delfin, with chicken on the bone, big chunks of vegetables, and a nicely fatty broth, is supremely comforting, and a big stack of moist, fluffy blueberry and banana buttermilk pancakes at Hidden City will take care of any lingering anxiety.

Lotus Garden [Mission]
3216 Mission Street, San Francisco

Chava’s [Mission]
2839 Mission Street, San Francisco

El Delfin
3066 24th Street

Hidden City [East Bay]
109 Park Place, Richmond

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