Thai Boom is an stunner of a Chowhound find, says igj.

The location wouldn’t inspire much hope, the place is a hole-in-the-wall and the door-hanger menu is a ringer for the typical Westside Thai place serving awful glop.

Instead, the food is fresh and authentic. “It is rare to get food this good, attitude this wonderful, and prices this low in a convenient, clean, restaurant,” says westsidegal.

Recommended: green curry with fried tofu, squid with ginger and mushrooms, shrimp/crab with glass noodles in clay pot, shrimp with cashews, spicy fried rice, pla prik pao and mango salad. Definitely the mango salad.

Just one disappointment so far: look chim la, or fish balls, aren’t that tasty.

Thai Boom [Culver City-ish]
10863 W. Venice Blvd., Los Angeles

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