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Headed to see “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker” (or maybe even “Cats”)? Listen up—and cinema employees, avert your eyes! Now, we here at Chowhound would never advocate for breaking the rules, but sometimes you gotta skirt around the edges a little in life. We all know that moviegoing has become a heck-of-an-expensive activity these days; between 20+ dollar tickets, $5 bottled water and whatever ungodly price Sno-Caps are up to, an easy breezy Tuesday night out at the cineplex can set one back more than a few shekels. So what gives?!

We’re revolting with some of our favorite *suggested* snacks, from classic candies to healthy twists, a few fan faves from overseas, and a whole mess in between. All of which you could totally stuff, swindle, and swipe into the next screening. Just don’t say we told you to!

Classic Candies

Sour Patch Kids, $3.33 on Amazon


If you’re a sour candy kid like me then the penultimate movie theater snack is Sour Patch Kids. Smuggle this 1.8-pound bag into the movies and everyone will be thanking you, except maybe your own tongue.Buy Now

Sno-Caps (pack of 3), $9.65 on Amazon


For whatever reason, we only ever seem to see Nestle’s Sno-Caps at the movies. Like the candy corn of movie theaters, only better, and the perfect little nibbles to get your chocolate fix with a little candy crunch.Buy Now

Swedish Fish (3.5-pound bag), $14.99 on Amazon


Now, you may not want to sneak a nearly 4-pound bag into a movie theater (although you also may) but stock up on a jumbo size bag of this classic gummy movie theater snack and throw a few handfuls into a Ziploc anytime. Buy Now

Junior Mints (pack of 24), $23.47 on Amazon


Another one we only ever seem to think of at the movie theater, but Junior Mints are a winning combination of chocolate and peppermint that we decidedly need to have on hand year-round from now on.Buy Now

Savory Snacks

Kahalari Biltong (pack of 3), $19.50 on Amazon


If you’re not up on biltong, jerky’s more refined cousin, see our article on the difference between the two. Either jerky or biltong makes a great savory theater snack. Easy to manage (a.k.a sneak), noiseless, and totally delicious. Bonus: most jerky and biltong are protein-packed and keto-friendly too!Buy Now

Pirate’s Booty White Cheddar Popcorn (pack of 12), $8.88 on Amazon


Sure, movie theater popcorn can be amazing but depending on your movie theater’s attention to detail, it can also be stale and gross and as much as 10 bucks a bucket! Leave chance out of it and sneak a package or two of Pirate’s Booty White Cheddar (or another favorite brand) into the flick.Buy Now

Dry Roasted Edamame with Sea Salt (Pack of 12), $10.62 on Amazon


The key to savory snacks in the movie theater is finding something without too noisy a crunch or crackle—which is why it always boggled me that you can get nacho chips at the concession stand. These dry roasted edamame snacks are just quiet enough not to annoy your neighbor.Buy Now

Fun International Snacks

Calbee Shrimp Chips (pack of 6), $17.75 on Amazon


If you’ve ever been almost anywhere in Asia, you’ve seen row after row of salty shrimp chips. They come in a ton of varieties but these wheat-puffed baked shrimp chips are both delicious, and also on the quiet side so you can maintain proper movie theater decorum.Buy Now

Maltesers (pack of 20), $23.87 on Amazon


These dandies are huge in London and other parts of Europe. Closely resembling Whoppers, Malteasers have a crispy, whispy malted milk center, surrounded by a melty milk chocolate shell. Okay, so they literally are Whoppers, but with Maltesers, everyone will know how worldly you are.Buy Now

Ritter Sport Milk Chocolate with Butter Biscuit (pack of 11), $23.66 on Amazon


These German chocolate-covered biscuits are just so good, and though you can find them in certain well-stocked markets and candy stores, it’s a crime there isn’t one in every vending machine in America. Butter biscuits covered in milk chocolate? We dare you not to swoon over these from opening credits until closing.Buy Now

A Healthy Twist

Barùkas, $15.55 on Amazon


This Brazillian super nut is rich in antioxidants, fiber, and fatty acids. A perfect protein snack to satisfy a salty craving without causing a total nacho coma.Buy Now

Rind Skin-on Superfruit Snacks (pack of 6), $20.99 on Amazon


Delicious, but also good for the planet. Rind dried fruit snacks don’t waste the skins and rinds like some others. Those rindy parts of the fruit contain a ton of nutrients, for one thing, and for another, leaving them on creates a little less waste—which we can all get on board with! These tangy fruit chews are silent to snack on and perfect if you’re not into overly sugary candy or chocolate stuff, too. Buy Now

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