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When your baby gets the approval from your pediatrician to start solid foods, it can be exciting and nerve-wracking (and messy!). In this day and age, we’re fortunate to have ready-made baby food, especially when making your own baby food seems like a long shot and quite daunting. But with so many baby food products saturating today’s market, it’s certainly overwhelming deciding what to put into your little ones’ mouth and belly. Pouches, puffs, and more jam grocery store shelves, claiming different benefits.

Don’t worry though, we have you covered. We broke down some of our favorite baby food from infant cereal to fun snacky-snacks to help mitigate the immense array of choices and uncertainties you may have.

Baby Cereal

Getting ready to start your baby on solids? Babies as early as four months may be given the OK to start on easy-to-digest solids such as infant cereal. Many pediatricians (or grandmothers) will you tell you to start your baby on rice cereal. However, due to high levels of arsenic, other ground cereals or grains, such as quinoa or oatmeal, may be a safer place to start while your little one gets the hang of eating solids for the first time.

NurturMe Organic Quinoa Cereals, 6 packs for $29.94 on Amazon

baby cereal


Quinoa isn’t just for adults anymore; it’s a wonderful infant cereal option and the products are fortified with iron, so your pediatrician will be pleased. These organic cereals are healthy and protein-packed, and come in flavors like Quinoa with Sweet Potato and Raisin, and Quinoa with Apple. Formulated without any added preservatives, salts, or sugars, they are made with plant-based foods and minerals, which make digestion easier for your little one.Buy Now

Gerber Organic Oatmeal, $3.38 at Walmart

Gerber baby oatmeal


Everyone knows Gerber. It’s classic and timeless, and with a single-grain organic baby cereal, it’s nutritious and safe. Fortified with iron for brain development, with zero artificial flavors, this organic oatmeal is a great place to start when feeding your bub.Buy Now

Pureed Foods: Jars & Pouches

Earth’s Best Organic Jars, 12 for $8.33 at Walmart

Earth's Best organic baby food


Earth’s Best organic jarred foods offer a variety of textures and ingredients. Single-fruit or vegetable options, such as peas, carrots, bananas, and prunes, are best suited for babies four months and older. Once your baby is six months or older, Earth’s Best offers mixed purees, like Apple, Turkey, Cranberry, and Rice and Lentil Dinner. At nine months, your baby can feast on elevated mixtures such as Spring Vegetable and Pasta. The jars can easily be recycled or reused after washing as handy small containers.Buy Now

365 Everyday Value, Organic Apple Sauce, Unsweetened, 6 pack for $2.69 on Amazon

Whole Foods unsweetened organic applesauce


A very economical option is simply buying a large jar or pack of pureed food, like Whole Food’s 365 brand of organic and unsweetened applesauce. Keep in fridge and serve as needed. Babies will love the texture and wholesomeness of applesauce, which has no additional sweeteners. Plus…an apple a day keeps the doctor away!Buy Now

Once Upon A Farm, variety pack of 16 for $47.87 on Amazon

Once Upon a Farm organic baby food Jennifer Garner


Not only is Jennifer Garner a talented actress, but she now makes baby food. Her yummy purees and smoothies can be found fresh in the refrigerator section of your grocery store, not on a shelf. The fruits and vegetables are cold-pressed and organic, and are added with yummy nutrient-rich foods such as avocado and quinoa.Buy Now

Peter Rabbit Organics, variety pack of 10 for $25.30 on Amazon

Peter Rabbit organic baby food


You may be familiar with this brand; it’s the pouch that’s so prominently displayed at Starbucks, basically ensuring that your little one will want it. But don’t worry, these pouches are USDA organic, free of BPA packaging, and manufactured in Oregon. Besides fruit and vegetable purees, they now have new super oats and seed pouches, like Banana and Strawberry with Oats, Chia, and Quinoa.Buy Now

Trader Joe’s Organic Fruit Sauce Crushers, pack of 4 for $7.95 on Amazon

Trader Joe's Fruit Crushers


While Trader Joe’s hasn’t fully committed to producing traditional baby food, my kids love these mini crushers. They come in four flavors like Organic Apple and Mango, and are small and easy to throw in a diaper bag.Buy Now

Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food, 6 pack for $18.74 on Amazon

Ella's Kitchen baby food


Ella’s Kitchen offers heartier meals for babies over six months with pouches such as Beefy Stew with Vegetables and Potatoes, and Chicken and Rice Casserole with Vegetables and Apricots. Babies can start to expand their food palates with these organic meals that offer a nice source of protein for your carnivore-exploring little one.Buy Now


Yogurt can be a great food for older babies, but it’s important to get the stamp of approval from your pediatrician as younger babies may not need dairy or may have a hard time processing the enzymes. When looking for yogurts both for babies and adults, it’s important to look for yogurts made with whole milk and very little sugar.

Stonyfield® Organic Yobaby® Whole Milk Yogurt, 6 pack for $3.92 at Walmart

Stonyfield Yo Baby yogurt


This organic, whole-milk yogurt is popular and is advertised as the number one pediatrician-recommended yogurt. The Banana and Mango packs are made without any added sweeteners, come from cows that are pasture-raised, and have probiotics that will support your baby’s sweet little gut.Buy Now

Siggi’s Strained Whole Milk Yogurt, $1.59 on Instacart

Siggi's yogurt


Siggi’s now offers a whole milk yogurt in a cup without any additional sugars. While it’s not organic, your babe may love the creamy and thick texture of this cult-favorite Scandinavian-inspired yogurt that is packed with 10 grams of protein and healthy whole fat. Flavors offered include Banana and Cinnamon, Raspberry and Apple, and Peach and Mango.Buy Now

On-the-Go Snacks

Let’s be real; everyone loves to snack, especially babies. Having a few go-to snacks for on-the-go eating is always a good idea. It’s inevitable that whenever you get to the park, your little one will “need” a snack. Be prepared with a few of our favorites below.

Sprout Organic Quinoa Puffs, $2.99 on Amazon

Sprout organic quinoa puffs


Baby puffs are all the rage these days. They easily dissolve in a baby’s mouth, and the size is perfect for your baby to work on that pincer grasp, which is essential to learning how to grab food and feed themselves. Have you ever looked at the ingredients in puff snacks? While many include vitamins such as B12, C, E, and choline, some have a tiny bit of added sugar (about 1 gram). Sprout Organic Quinoa Puffs include zero added sugar and only use organic rosemary extract as a preservative. While some moms (and babies) may argue that other brands taste a little better, Sprout Organic Quinoa Puffs are some of the healthiest you can find on the market.Buy Now

Happy Baby Organic Teethers,12 pack for $22.74 on Amazon

Happy Baby organic teething crackers


Teething crackers are another dissolvable snack that babies seem to love. They are an elongated, oval cracker that a baby can hold, and practice chewing and sucking. These are great when a baby is teething. They come in a variety of flavors and usually are wrapped individually in pairs. Happy Baby Organic Teethers contain zero artificial flavors  and are made with fruits and vegetables. It’s a great way to safely introduce solid food to your little one.Buy Now

Trader Joe’s Bamba Peanut Snacks, 2 pack for $9.23 on Amazon

Trader Joe's Bamba peanut snacks


Let’s be clear, these snacks are not for anyone with a nut allergy. Nor are they considered baby food. However, both my baby and my toddler love this Israeli snack. They’re easy for my baby to pick up (working on that pincer grasp), melt in his mouth, and are delicious (adult-friendly too). Composed of only four ingredients and very low in sugar, they offer 5 grams of protein.Buy Now

Happy Baby Organic Greek Yogis, $3.59 on Amazon

Happy Baby Greek yogurt bites


Freeze-dried Greek yogurt bites melt away, giving your baby a flavored snack. Made of yogurt cultures, these snacks are gluten-free and great for getting your baby to feed him or herself.Buy Now

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