Sweet Reason Beverage Co. CBD Sparkling Water Multi-Pack
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Everywhere you look, it seems like CBD is popping up as an ingredient in health, wellness, and beauty products—and now even your food, too. The benefit of ingesting cannabidiol, or CBD, the non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis plants, is that it’s calming and promotes relaxation. There are many claims about how it improves sleep, stress, anxiety, can clear up your skin, and treat rheumatoid arthritis, amongst many other things. But with a plethora of products hitting the market, it’s also important to do a little bit of detective work in what you’re buying.

All CBD is not the same, and neither are CBD products or companies. When choosing a product, be sure to look for a brand that offers independent third-party lab results for pesticides, heavy metals, mold, and other impurities in their raw materials,” says Joel Greengrass, CEO of Theramu, which makes quality CBD elixirs. “Also check that the final products are lab tested for potency to ensure they have retained the claimed CBD content throughout the production process, and you are getting what you paid for,” he says. Here are some of our favorites CBD items on the market today:

B.Chill Raw Hemp Honey, $49.99 from Beekeeper’s Naturals

B Chill

Tea with honey or lemon? That generally is the question. But if you’re looking for an excuse to opt for the sweet stuff, look no further than Beekeeper’s Naturals’ new B.Chill Hemp Honey, which the company describes as a blend of sustainably-sourced raw honey and high potency hemp oil. Translation: it’ll instantly calm your senses and relax your mind. (It has throat-soothing properties too.)Buy Now

Full Spectrum CBD Daily Fiber, $19.99 from Clean Remedies

Clean Remedies Full Spectrum CBD Daily Fiber

Clean Remedies

With a reported 15 percent of Americans suffering from IBS symptoms—mainly because of poor diet—it’s important to get enough fiber and this full-spectrum CBD fiber by cleanremedies can do just the trick. It’s easy to take as a supplement with water or blended with your other favorite recipes or CBD foods, and claims to help lower cholesterol, maintain healthy blood pressure levels, and promote digestive healthBuy Now

CBD Sparkling Water Multi-Pack, 6 bottles for $39.99 from Sweet Reason Beverage Co.

Sweet Reason Beverage Co. CBD Sparkling Water Multi-Pack

Sweet Reason Beverage Co.

This CBD-infused sparkling water may replace your La Croix addiction in no time. Since its launch last year, Sweet Reason Beverage Co. can be found in 150+ stores, like Dean & DeLuca, and nationwide via e-commerce. It promises no added sugars, sweeteners, or other gross ingredients so you can enjoy pure CBD extract mixed in with a bit of bubbly. The multipack lets you sample all three flavors (Grapefruit, Strawberry + Lavender, and Cucumber + Mint).Buy Now

Calm Original Strength CBD Elixir in Mango, $79.95 from Theramu


Theramu elixirs act as an anti-inflammatory from the inside out, helping to quiet agitation and spasming, promote healthy sleep patterns, and soothe general body aches and discomfort. As with all Theramu products, Calm uses 100 percent all-natural ingredients and organic fruit extracts, with no unnecessary fillers or additives,” Greengrass tells us. The elixirs also come in mango, peach, and pineapple flavors made of natural fruit extracts.Buy Now

Get a Grip Stress Blend CBD Roller, $29 from Plant Juice Oils

Plant Juice Oils

Plant Juice Oils are essential oils blended with CBD oil to up the game when it comes to cannabis’ therapeutic benefits. Our favorite product is their Get a Grip Stress roll-on, which makes for quick on-the-go application to help with your nerves and bring about a sense of calm throughout your body; the brand also makes products that come in a spray, and cream versions too.Buy Now

Rose Quartz Infusion Mint Lip Balm, $15 from Mazz Hanna

Mazz Hanna Rose Quartz Infusion Mint Lip Balm

Mazz Hanna

Just the name of MAZZ HANNA’s Rose Quartz Infusion Mint Lip Balm has our smackers getting excited, never mind the formulation which includes 15mg of organic CBD. The hydration properties for your lips come by way of oils derived from coconut, almond, avocado, and hemp seed, and it’s all magically infused with rose quartz, a healing crystal that attracts love and encourages self-love, too.Buy Now

CBD Dog Treats, $34-$87 from Fab CBD

Fab CBD CBD Dog Treats


Yes, there are even CBD-infused treats for your pup, and they’re already helping pet owners whose furry friends have conditions including anxiety, seizures, and arthritis. Though you’ll want to check with your vet first, FAB CBD is one such brand already with a good variety of offerings: “Calm & Cool” treats (in a Peanut Butter Apple flavor), salmon-flavored “Skin & Coat” treats, and “Active Immune” treats made with chicken. They’re all made without corn, wheat, soy, or dairy.Buy Now

Olive Oil Duo CBD Infusion Kit, $40 from Ardent

Ardent Cannabis Olive Oil Duo CBD Infusion Kit

Ardent Cannabis

Ardent recently launched three new Cannabis Infusion Kits, but the most notable is probably their latest—an Olive Oil Duo Infusion Kit. Since you’re already adding EVOO to everything from your morning avo toast to delicious Greek salads, it’s a seamless way of incorporating CBD into your everyday diet. According to Ardent, “the DIY kits pair perfectly with as little as half a gram of cannabis (CBD and/or THC, if it’s legal where you live, choose your favorite strain) and Ardent’s NOVA Lift—a first-of-its-kind, at-home device that fully activates your material (allowing you to reduce the amount of cannabis needed) using an odorless process.” What this all means: You can make tasty, accurate, high-quality, potent, dispensary-grade edibles all from home.Buy Now

CBD Gummies in Mixed Berries, $5.99-$34.99 from Veritas Farms

Veritas Farms CBD Gummies in Mixed Berries

Veritas Farms

You might not be able to find them at Dylan’s Candy Bar, but Veritas Farms’s CBD-infused Gummies are a very worthy addition to your next online shopping spree. For one, they come in both a regular formulation, containing high quality cannabinoid in a mouth-watering mixed berry flavor. Even better: You can buy a version with melatonin, which combined with CBD’s soothing properties, will quickly help you to sleep at night. Buy Now

Sweet Green Artisan Hot Sauce, $20 from Green Panther Chef

Green Panther Chef Sweet Green Artisan Hot Sauce

Green Panther Chef

Jazmine “Chef Jazz” Moore is both a formally-trained chef and a survivor of Crohn’s disease. She tells us she was once down to a dangerous 84 pounds while taking traditional medications for her disease, and that’s when researching alternative treatments led her to cannabis. Today, Chef Jazz has developed Green Panther Chef, a range of CBD-infused products that include both a smoky and sweet green hot sauce and traditional French mustard infused with 100 percent pure hemp.Buy Now

Prefer to drink your CBD? Learn how to make CBD cocktails. And for more, check out this guide to other CBD products and info about using CBD for pain, anxiety, and stress from “The Rachael Ray Show.”

Disclaimer: CBD may or may not be legal in your area. Neither Chowhound nor its parent company encourages or endorses any irresponsible behavior or illegal activity. If you choose to use cannabis or CBD products, please do so responsibly and only where permitted by law.

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