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As far as food is concerned, the Easter season (and springtime in general) is all about fun, pastel colors and eating as much candy and chocolate as you possibly can. And because this is a season most people spend with their families, you may be looking for any excuse to just get all your friends together and chill out. Hosting an egg-dyeing party is a seasonally-appropriate, cute, and fun way to get all your friends together this Easter! You may be wondering what food and drinks to serve at this shin-dig, and we will definitely get there, but I thought I should start by giving some tips and pointers to making your egg-dyeing party a success.

1. Stock up on dye and decorations.

You should prepare as best as you can. Those cheap egg-dyeing kits you can get at any dollar store or super market this year actually go a long way; my sister and I still use them! If you’d rather go the homemade way, you can always add food coloring into cups of water and set up a dyeing station that way—or try making natural egg dye from food. I also always make sure to have white crayons on hand, because my go-to is to draw fun patterns on the eggs in white and paint around them. (But get as elaborate as you like with your additional supplies for the ambitious egg decoraters!)

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Pro-Tip: Since most kits only come with one or two wire dippers, consider investing in a few wire whisks for dyeing eggs (check your local thrift store).

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2. Hard boil your eggs in advance.

In addition, you should definitely hard boil the eggs in advance. That takes a while, and the last thing you want at an egg-dyeing party is to be sitting around with your friends waiting for the eggs to be ready. (Get our Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs recipe for pointers.)

3. Make clean-up easy.

You may be skeptical of this tip, but everything you use for your egg decorating table should be disposable. Your friends won’t judge you for putting down a plastic tablecloth so nothing is too badly damaged if dye is spilled or splashed. You can find really cute plastic tablecloths, plates, napkins, and Solo cups in a million different pastel colors this time of year, so you can really transform your home into a spring scene! Plus, it’s a cheap investment and easy cleanup, so you can’t really beat that.

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4. Make your food and drink as brightly colored as your eggs!

Okay, now let’s get to food and drink. You’re going to be dyeing your eggs every color of the rainbow, so you should be serving junk food and drinks of every color of the rainbow. One idea: homemade Peeps in a range of shades! Or, take your pick of the food and drink below, one of each for every color (and don’t worry, I will add pink to the list. I know how to do spring!)

Red Velvet Cake

the history of red velvet cake (what is red velvet cake and who invented it?)


I mean, this is the ultimate red food. With hints of chocolate and a homemade cream cheese frosting, red velvet cake is the perfect comfort food to enjoy while you color eggs with your besties. Get our Red Velvet Cake recipe.

Ruby Sangria

ruby sangria recipe


With a little twist to your classic sangria, this is delicious, boozy, and the most beautiful shade of red. Get our Ruby Sangria recipe.

Candied Oranges

candied citrus recipe


What’s more orange than an orange? These candied orange slices are sweet, tart, easy to make, and they taste great! Get the Candied Oranges recipe.

Dreamy Orange Sherbet Punch

orange sherbet punch recipe


Since sherbet is the most refreshing springtime dessert, it’d be a perfect and colorful addition to your party table! This punch is sweet, fizzy, and super addicting. Get the Dreamy Orange Sherbet Punch recipe.

Lemon Truffles

Lemon desserts are, in my humble opinion, totally slept on. But these are perfect for a fancy springtime dessert, so they’ll fit right into your party. Bonus points if you make them into egg shapes! Get the Lemon Truffles recipe.

Yellow Bicycle Cocktail

elderflower prosecco cocktail recipe


Floral flavors, bubbles from prosecco, and citrus flavors make this drink a springtime triple-threat, and I think this would be my personal go-to at any party. Get our Yellow Bicycle Cocktail recipe.

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie

While green food may not always be the most appealing, I promise these mint chocolate chip cookies are as tasty as they are cute! And as a disclaimer, it may not be possible to stop at one. Get the Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie recipe.

Green Apple Sparkler

green apple sparkling cocktail recipe


I love a bubbly drink. They’re so refreshing when the weather is warm, and subtle fruit flavors like apple and lime will make this the most thirst-quenching drink at your party. Get our Green Apple Sparkler recipe.

Blue Velvet Cake Pops

Cake pops are a fun and extremely easy dessert to make for your guests when you’re already in the throes of putting a party together, and they’re a guaranteed hit. While this recipe focuses on the color blue (inside and out!), this is the most versatile dessert on this list in that you could just as easily make it in any other color. Get the Blue Velvet Cake Pops recipe.

Tiffany Blue Sparkler

This drink is fancy and beautiful! The recipe gives you the option to choose your own wine or champagne to add some bubbles, so you and your friends can go nuts! Get the Tiffany Blue Sparkler recipe.

Blueberry Crème Fraiche Cheesecake

Although blueberries are the main ingredient in this cheesecake, your final product is a beautiful and flavorful purple dessert with a sweet finish of vanilla in the crust. Get the Blueberry Crème Fraiche Cheesecake recipe.

Lavender Lemonade

This is the most beautiful drink on the list, in my opinion. A lot of people don’t realize that lavender is a great flavor in moderation. The tartness of the lemon offsets it nicely and makes for a delicate and tasty drink. Get the Lavender Lemonade recipe.

French Macarons with Pomegranate Ganache

pink macarons with pomegrnate ganache


I told you I wouldn’t forget anything pink! If you watch “Spring Baking Championship,” you know macarons make a big appearance this time of year. These sweet macarons with pomegranate and chocolate are flavorful and they’re a beautiful shade of pink. Get our French Macarons with Pomegranate Ganache recipe.

Copycat Pink Drink

I am actually currently drinking a Pink Drink from Starbucks. I think it’s great year-round, but something about it in the spring hits the spot. It’s super easy to make, and if you follow this copycat recipe, you and your friends may actually save some money in the long run! Get the Copycat Pink Drink recipe.

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