Amazon Prime Day 2019 (When is Amazon Prime Day? Best Prime Day 2019 Deals)
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As you may have heard, Amazon Prime Day 2020 will be delayed by coronavirus, with recent reports pointing to September for this year’s Prime Day extravaganza.

An earlier Reuters report suggested that Prime Day would not happen until at least August this year (and India’s Prime Day is currently scheduled for Aug. 6 and 7), but the impact of coronavirus has been greater than perhaps expected on Amazon’s operations, with long shipping delays only now starting to end. An event as big as Prime Day obviously takes a lot of planning, but the COVID-19 crisis has been a more pressing concern—yet Prime Day will likely not be later than September as it would otherwise start to cut into the holiday shopping season.

All of this is still unconfirmed by Amazon, but we’ll update again as soon as new information is available.

When Is Prime Day 2020?

We don’t know yet, but the newest reports claim Prime Day 2020 will probably happen in September (by contrast, last year it kicked off on July 15—and despite the singular event name, Prime Day actually lasted 48 hours). Since Prime Day will be later this year, we expect the sale to be extended over at least two days again, if not several. According to internal Amazon meeting notes Reuters cited in an April report, the retailer “expects potentially a $100 million hit from excess devices it may now have to sell at a discount.”

What Are the Best Prime Day Deals?

Prime Day Deals for 2020 have not yet been released, but we can make some predictions based on previous years:

Kitchen Appliances, Tools & Cookware

Instant Pot DUO Plus 8-Quart


In previous years, the Instant Pot has been a best-selling kitchen item and marked down by up to 50 percent. We expect it to remain just as popular this time around, though it certainly has stiff competition from other multicookers like the Ninja Foodi (seems the $1,000+ Vermicular still hasn’t quite caught on).

Air fryers are likely to be favorite items again this year too—or maybe air fryer lid attachments for the Instant Pot will take their place.

Look out for low prices on Vitamix blenders, coffee makers, and espresso machines.

Prime Day should also bring some great deals on other kitchenware, from pots and pans to Dutch ovens to entire cookware sets if you’re looking to refresh your kitchen arsenal.

Amazon’s Own Products

Amazon Echo Show 5


Look out for good deals on AmazonBasics kitchenware, from sheet pans and silicone liners to enameled cast iron—but don’t stop there.

While they’re not as obviously food-related, the Echo Spot, Echo Dot, and Echo Show are also helpful in the kitchen—from assisting with recipes and cooking questions to making it easy to update your grocery list (or just watch Netflix while you’re boiling pasta)—and we suspect they’ll sell just as well in 2020 as they did for the past couple years. Since they’re Amazon’s own brand, they’ll likely be more deeply discounted too.

Whole Foods Deals

We also expect more great deals on Whole Foods items since they’re also owned by Amazon—and we certainly hope that grocery shopping has returned more or less to normal in a few months.

How Can You Get the Best Prime Day Deals?

No matter what you’re looking for, the best deals will likely be exclusive to Amazon Prime members, but other discounts will still be offered to all—check out The Cheapskate’s tips on making the most of Prime Day (and making sure you’re actually getting good deals).

Naturally, other sites like Walmart, Target, Sur La Table, Macy’s, and many more will run their own Prime Day deals to counter the discounts available at Amazon. For most of those deals, you won’t need to be a member (though, for instance, Target credit card holders will often get extra savings). We’ll cover all of those as well.

Stay tuned for more to come on Prime Day 2020.

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