Naturally, when you’ve finished your celebratory Year of the Pig offal dinner and drained the last drops from your bacon martini, your fevered food-drunk imagination begins casting about for pork-compliant dessert possibilities.

Bacon s’mores? Bacon ice cream or cookies? Old hat, chum. Nay, you could ask for no better a porcine postprandial than a bacon mint, both reviewed by those brave folks at sugar-addicted blog Candy Addict:

When the package arrived, it contained two tins of Bacon Mints and two tins of Bacon Flavored Toothpicks (more on those later). Opening the shipping package brought a scent to my nose that I wasn’t prepared for. It was bacony, minty, and had a smell of a hospital. The smell was odd and didn’t hit me as being an appetizing smell.

I opened a tin and took a big sniff and it nearly knocked me over and I don’t mean that in a good way. It was an absolutely awful smell. It’s really hard to describe, but it’s not a smell you want to get a whiff of. At this point I wasn’t really looking forward to trying them, but reviewing candy isn’t all about tasty chocolate—sometimes you must eat some questionable candy.

For the record, reviewer Brian Pipa could only keep them in his mouth for 30 seconds, and one of his dogs accepted a mint while the other one refused. Let that be a warning to you: A dog refused something bacony? Dogs will eat shoes and books, and will treat a cat’s litterbox like it’s a buffet. Anything a dog won’t eat, you probably shouldn’t either.

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