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Springtime means a lot more than just warmer weather and longer days (although we can’t really complain about that). It also means the rise of more seasonal foods, like spring vegetables, marshmallow Peeps, and eggs. Eggs are one of the most versatile foods around, but as a prime symbol of Easter and springtime, you won’t be able to look anywhere without seeing one for the next little while. But did you know eggs are an ingredient often utilized in drinks? It’s true. Egg whites, for example, can be used for texture in fancy cocktails. The Ariana Grande-inspired Cloud Macchiato at Starbucks is actually fluffy like a cloud because of egg whites! If you’re looking for a new way to enjoy eggs this spring, here are some drinks that use eggs as a key ingredient.


You’ll soon find that cocktails are the easiest drinks to incorporate eggs into, as they’re used for a little extra texture in just about any “fancy” cocktail you can think of.

Golden Fizz

Fresh, light, and bubbly, this is perfect for the fast-approaching warm weather or to wash down a springtime brunch. If you try this drink and love it, you should check out this Chowhound article containing recipes for nine more raw egg drinks just like it! Get our Golden Fizz recipe.

Pink Lady

non-alcoholic drink mocktail recipe


I know this recipe says the egg whites are optional, but I totally recommend using them! You’ll miss out on texture otherwise. Plus, this pretty pink drink will go perfectly with your pastel spring colors. There are also two variations to the recipe, called the Pink Rose and the Pink Panther, just in case you’re looking to switch up your liquor or your juice. Get our Pink Lady recipe.

Nectarine Amaretto Sour

Nectarine Amaretto Sour recipe


There’s nothing like an amaretto sour. They’re fresh and light as it is, but add a bright fruit like nectarines and the fluffiness of an egg white and this is the perfect drink for a spring day spent outside with a good book. If you look into egg white cocktails, you’ll find that amaretto and egg whites are actually paired quite frequently, so feel free to experiment with that combo! Get our Nectarine Amaretto Sour recipe.

Birthday Cake Cocktail

With all the seasonal candies, it’s easy to eat sweets in the springtime. Now you can drink them too in the form of this birthday cake cocktail! It’s sweet and fun, and the egg white gives it a lighter and more sophisticated feel. You could also skip the alcohol all together; maybe substitute in some vanilla ice cream to bring out the vanilla bean flavor, and you’ve got yourself a makeshift ice cream float! Get the Birthday Cake Cocktail recipe.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

If you prefer a non-alcoholic beverage, we won’t judge! These drinks are fun, sweet, and perfect for anyone under the shining sun this spring!


You didn’t think I’d write an article about eggy drinks and leave out the ultimate eggy drink, did you? While usually spiked and usually enjoyed around the holidays, a homemade eggnog is a great way to show egg yolks some love. And hey, if you drink it at Christmas, why can’t you drink it at Easter? This recipe is non-alcoholic, but anything can be spiked in an emergency! Get the Eggnog recipe.

Fresh Orange Smoothie

Orange Smoothie recipe


Somewhere between a smoothie and a milkshake, the recipe calls this an “Orange Julius copycat,” and the egg whites add a little more protein to this sweet and fruity drink. Plus, it’s a beautiful light orange color that just goes with the whole spring vibe. Get the Fresh Orange Smoothie recipe.

Strawberry Julius

strawberry smoothie recipe


The last recipe got me thinking, if we can do a copycat Orange Julius with egg whites, why not take advantage of the fact that strawberries are coming back in season with our very own Strawberry Julius? I go crazy over any drink that’s this pink, and the egg whites provide an extra frothiness necessary for a springtime drink! Get the Strawberry Julius recipe.

Healthy Drinks

I know a lot of us (myself included) are in panic mode during the spring to reach that forever unattainable summer body. Eggs are a great source of protein and can work their way into smoothies and shakes to be equal parts healthy and delicious. Take advantage of these healthy options this spring!

Low-Carb Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake

Good for the health-conscious and delicious in general, this chocolate coffee protein shake may just be your go-to from now on. The lightness of egg whites adds a little extra something to the classic chocolate-coffee combination. Get the Low-Carb Chocolate Coffee Protein Shake recipe.

Strawberry Lime Watermelon Smoothie

These flavors will transport you right into warmer weather, and the color of this smoothie is just so beautiful! The recipe also mentions how beneficial eggs are if you’re lacking in protein, and assures that eggs will have no effect on the flavor of the smoothie. Plus, the strawberry-lime combo is so underrated! Get the Strawberry Lime Watermelon Smoothie recipe.

Ultimate Keto Coffee

This drink is rare in that it utilizes the yolks instead of the whites! For those thinking of starting keto with the start of a new season but are unwilling to give up their morning coffee, this keto coffee is the perfect solution. And it tastes great! Get the Ultimate Keto Coffee recipe.

Chocolate Protein Shake

This super healthy protein shake mixes flavors of chocolate and vanilla and gets its protein from egg whites, protein powder, and almond milk. This is the best protein shake on the list for all the dairy-free and lactose intolerant people out there. I just finally admitted I’m lactose intolerant (I was in denial for a long time), so this protein shake is a great find. Get the Chocolate Protein Shake recipe.


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