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Welcome to Chowhound Recommends, Chowhound’s weekly series where our staff shares our favorite food and kitchen items around a central theme. This week we’re celebrating National Beer Day on April 7th by professing our love to our favorite beers. Keep reading for our picks and make sure you stock your fridge in time to cheers to this glorious holiday!

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Lauren Zaser: Social Media Manager

Product: Threes Brewing “Vliet”

There are so many great beers to choose from at Threes Brewing. One of my favorites is their pilsner, Vliet. At 5.2% ABV I can already tell this is going to make for a great summer easy-drinking beer. It’s much higher quality than the national brands and has a festive label (I’m always a sucker for a good label #millenialproblems). A tad hoppier than normal pilsners, it’s balanced with floral notes and a nice crispness. If you’re in NYC I can’t recommend checking out their location in Gowanus, Brooklyn enough. Even if you don’t like beer, their backyard is a great place to hangout in the warmer months.

Threes Brewing “Vlilet” (4-Pack), $16.00 on Caviar

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Kristin Cassidy: Director, Special Projects

Product: Montauk Brewing Company “Watermelon Session Ale”

My pick is Montauk Brewing Company’s Watermelon Ale. It tastes like summer in a can and makes me feel like I’m back in Montauk. It’s light, crisp, and refreshing, PLUS it comes in a cute pink can. If you’re ever in Montauk check out their tasting room—it’s small but has an outdoor space and is a great way to spend a beautiful, lazy summer afternoon.

Montauk “Watermelon Session Ale,” price varies ($10.99-59.99) on Drizly

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Nathan Carpenter: Video Producer

Product: 21st Amendment Brewery “Hell Or High Watermelon”

I look forward to 21st Amendment Brewery’s summer seasonal release, “Hell Or High Watermelon,” all winter long every year. It’s by far the most refreshing beer ever produced. It’s a fairly light-bodied wheat beer brewed with real watermelon, so it’s not sweet or overpowering. Just a hint of watermelon goodness. It’s the ultimate summertime thirst-quencher, perfect for barbecues or any other outdoor warm-weather event. I’m super excited it’s that time of year again and you should be too!

21st Amendment “Hell or High Watermelon” (12-Pack), $19.99 on Saucey

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Owen Stretch: Head of Video

Product: Steamworks Brewing Company “Pilsner”

Being a good Canadian kid, I had to choose a beer from north of the border. I chose this one from the Steamworks Brewing Company in my hometown of Vancouver, British Columbia, located in the historic Gastown neighborhood. It’s their signature pilsner beer, inspired by the authentic Czech pilsners, which pairs perfectly with a warm summer day. Try it out, if you think you can handle a mighty Canadian beer.

Steamworks Pilsner, price varies ($14.09-18.09) on Drizly

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

Header image by Lauren Zaser.

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