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Who doesn’t love a cold pint on a Sunday afternoon? This Sunday is National Beer Day—time to celebrate all that is beer. And we’re not just talking pours of whatever’s on tap. Check out this list of things you can buy that are infused with your favorite brew. Lather up in a stout or scent the house in bourbon ale…We’re here for it! (Any day!)

Beer Candle

Hoppy IPA Brew Candle, $19.99 on Amazon

hoppy IPA beer candle


This is the cutest present for your beer enthusiast. Craft beer candles come in all sorts of different scents to appease any hop-lover. Swag Brewery candles are poured in recycled bottles that range from Breakfast Stout, Hard Cider, Hoppy IPA, Kentucky Bourbon, and Vanilla Porter. They don’t smell like stale beer. Each candle has different notes including spicy, grassy, roasty, and citrusy. A 6-pack of these bad boys, and you’re set for the year! (Or if you prefer, you can also buy a beer fragrance oil! Notes include banana, malt, musk, and rosewood.)Buy Now

Beer Jelly

House of Webster Beer Jelly, $6.95 at Artful Ellijay

Artful Ellijay beer jelly

Artful Ellijay

Beer can be an amazing addition to marinades and baking. This beer jelly varietal allows you to smear it on toast, add to a killer charcuterie board, and make for some smoky marinades for pork and chicken. One of my favorites is the Coffee Stout Fig jelly that infuses a rich dark ale with roasted coffee and figs. It is dark and sweet. Other flavors include Belgian Wheat Orange Fox Head, Strawberry IPA Bear Claw, and Summer Saison Hog’s Breath. The best part is that they’re made and shipped from a local mountain shop in Elijay, Georgia.Buy Now

Beer Shampoo and Conditioner

BROO Craft Beer Shampoo and Conditioner, $16 on Amazon

BROO craft beer shampoo and conditioner


Barley and hops aren’t just ingredients for the perfect pint, they also nourish, repair and soothe hair! Who knew? This shampoo and conditioner combo promises a malty lather and is also sulfate and paraben-free. It smells like hop flowers. (So don’t worry, you won’t smell like you’re walking out of a bar after you shower.) LUSH also makes an organic stout shampoo that adds volume, softness, and shine to dull hair. It’ll leave you smelling like a brandy, stout, and lemon cocktail. Mmmmm…Buy Now

Beer Soap

Aptos Trading Company Beer Soap, 2 for $13.98 on Amazon

Aptos Trading Company beer soap

Aptos Trading Company

There are also plenty of beer-infused soaps on the market. Hops and barley are amazingly hydrating for skin, so why not lather them all over the bod? This set contains two scents: Refreshing Orange and Patchouli-Peppermint.Buy Now

Beer-Infused Hot Sauce

Torched Smoked Porter Hot Sauce, $14.99 at Torched Products

Torched smoked porter hot sauce

Torched Products

Maybe you’ve tried habanero-infused beer (like Ballast Point’s Habanero Sculpin), but have you tried a beer-infused habanero sauce? Torched has a line of hot sauces, all combined with craft beer flavors. Check out their Habanero Homebrew and Smoked Porter hot sauces that promise to add the perfect spice to your beer and nachos combo. Add a dash to your eggs or a bunch to your burrito. And if it gets too hot, wash it down with a cold glass of beer!Buy Now

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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