Dairy products get their due at Milk, a new temple of dairy-based confections.

“Imagine the most luxurious and elegant creme brulee whipped into a frozen frenzy topped with fresh whipped cream and honest to God malted milk balls, and you’d have an apt description of the homemade vanilla bean milkshake for $4.75,” says cvc.

The milkshake was out of this world–more of a sundae with milk than a true milkshake, says cyberoo. Strawberry shortcake shake consists of strawberry sorbet and vanilla ice cream, with yummy crunchy stuff on top.

Ice cream sandwiches with macarons as the “bread” change daily–jasmine tea is an interesting clash between boba milk tea and French pastry. Even ice cream alone sounds good, with flavors like banana dulce de leche and coffee toffee. The pastry chef/ice cream maker is particularly proud of his vanilla, made with a special blend of Tahitian (more floral) and Ugandan (more woodsy) vanilla beans. It’s great in a rootbeer float, says cheflvr–the chef recommends Dad’s root beer.

It’s not just an ice cream parlor–they serve pastries, breakfast and lunch as well. An ample Cobb salad comes with delicious Green Goddess dressing ($8.75) and there’s a surprisingly good Cuban sandwich with tender pulled pork, ham, Manchego cheese, peppery greens, pickles and roasted garlic mayo ($7.75), says cvc.

Milk [Mid-City]
7290 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles


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