A hole-in-the-wall removed from the Little Ethiopia strip on Fairfax, Ibex sometimes hits a home run, says westsidegal, like with their rich and marvelous mesir wat (spicy red lentils). Make sure to request some of their awaze (spice paste) to add to your food.

Just off Fairfax on Pico, Awash really reflects Ethiopian home cooking, says artfoodhistorianista, who’s had plenty. Remember that Ethiopian food takes time, so be prepared to wait.

Meanwhile, back on the Strip, Meals by Genet has something for everyone: tasty, authentic food and nicer ambience than its neighbors, plus (real) wine and beer.

Ibex [South LA]
630 N. La Brea Ave., Inglewood

Awash [Little Ethiopia]
5990 1/2 W. Pico Blvd., Los Angeles

Meals by Genet [Little Ethiopia]
1053 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles

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