You asked and we listened: This week’s Friday Food Finds features a bevy of boozy beverages that will be the perfect poolside companions as the temperatures rise and winter-time depression subsides. In addition to a spiked seltzer and sparkling water, we also sampled some hot new snacks on the Taylor Strecker Show, including a unicorn pudding, uniquely flavored Kettle chip, and America’s favorite condiment: hot sauce. But which bites of the bunch were our favs and which just bit the dust? Check them all out below and let us know what you’re most excited to try for yourself.

Bon & Viv Spiked Seltzer

These were dangerously delicious. In fact, they’re so dangerous that buying them by the case may not bode well for those who lack self-control. The flavors are elevated (hi, rosemary and elderflower) and the taste lacks that artificial bitterness found in some of its competitors. Needless to say, we are counting down the days until summer when these can be permanent fixtures at picnics and pool parties.

Sipp Infusions Sparkling Water

We’re not entirely sure why Taylor found these lackluster. They’re great! At only two grams of sugar per serving, this is an excellent alternative for those who are wanting to ditch soda, but not entirely ready to embrace the sparkling water trend. Like the Spiked Seltzers above, we were very impressed with the unique flavor offerings. Vodka would also be an excellent addition to all three options, which means we’re already planning a cocktail hour.

Snack Pack Unicorn Magic Pudding

We wanted to hate these….we really did. They are just sooo gimmicky with their unicorn-themed marketing tactics. But alas, those nostalgic (and very artificial) cotton candy and bubble gum flavors really knew how to pull us in. Initially, the paste-like texture may have been off-putting, but we couldn’t put them down. Kids will absolutely love these, so #yasssunicorn and come through, star dust.

Stoneridge Orchards Chocolate-Covered Berries

Chocolate-covered dried fruit isn’t the most exciting thing in the world and these are just okay. They’re certainly juicier than other varieties, but if we’re going to put chocolate on anything with sugar, that thing will be a cookie or peanut butter or an ingredient that’s actually worth the indulgence. Sorry, not sorry.

Wasabi Ranch Kettle Chips

The intention behind Wasabi Ranch is great, but we wanted these to have more wasabi taste. America demands spice, Kettle! Don’t appease those with weak palates. In this case, we’ll pass but forever cherish their Spicy Thai variety. That’s an Asian-influenced flavor we can always get behind.

Red Clay Hot Sauce

Since Taylor admitted she’s only obsessed with Frank’s, her opinion—quite frankly—is irrelevant. This hot sauce was good, but not the greatest. We appreciate the subtle endnotes of oak (it’s aged in barrels), but don’t think it holds up to some more mainstream varieties. It definitely needs more heat.

Reese’s Thins

We were reluctant to try these, considering peanut butter is the only reason to eat a Reese’s. The Thins variety, however, definitely holds up and is a much better alternative to the Miniatures. The fact that they also come in dark chocolate is just icing on the cake. Good on you, Hershey’s. Good. On. You.

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