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Welcome to Chowhound Recommends, Chowhound’s new weekly series where our staff shares our favorite food items around a central theme. Since March is Women’s History Month, this week we’re celebrating the kick-off by picking our favorite products created by women. Our recommendations check all the boxes—cute packaging, high-quality ingredients, and unique flavors.

As food writers, editors, producers, and social media managers, we’re constantly scouring the market for the latest and greatest products. And when we find a product we love, we want to shout it from the rooftops! We’re packaging up our weekly finds and sharing them with you, because we think you’ll love them too. Be sure to follow us on Instagram @Chowhound to catch us talking about our favorite products every Wednesday. Keep reading to see our girl power picks for this week!

Guillermo Riveros, Senior Video Producer

Product Pick: Fusion Jerky

fusion jerky Asian-style jerky

Lauren Zaser

This week I want to celebrate a BOSS business owner—KaiYen Mai! She comes from a family of Asian-style jerky makers and started her own business called Fusion Jerky.

Asian-style jerky is a little different from the American version we all know, and has a little less shelf-life as well, but that is because of its all natural ingredients. Her idea is to offer a healthier jerky (no preservatives or artificial flavors) with multiple flavors and protein options. It also comes in fun packaging that feels less male-oriented than the other products out in the market. There are eight flavors—try them all, they’re all amazing!

Fusion Jerky Poultry Variety 4 Pack, $25.99 on Amazon

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Chipotle Lime Beef Jerky, $6.99 on

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Lauren Zaser, Social Media Strategist

Product Pick: BRINS Jams

Brins banana jam with vanilla bean


These jams and jellies from BRINS in Brooklyn have so many unusual flavors in them. Saffron, Chai, and Lemongrass?! You’ll seriously impress all your friends when you bring them over for a wine and cheese night. I especially like the Banana Jam. I was at Di Bruno Bros. (an insanely good cheese store in the Italian Market in Philadelphia) when they introduced me to this jam and paired it with gouda. The combination was like Bananas Foster—creamy, sweet, and vanilla-y, but with a punch. I was hooked! All of them have about five ingredients in them so you can feel good about what’s in them.

Banana Jam with Whole Bean Vanilla, $8.99 on

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Kristin Cassidy, Director of Special Products

Product Pick: Kate Weiser Chocolates

Kate Weiser gourmet chocolates

Lauren Zaser

I’m celebrating one of my favorite women in food, Kate Weiser, by recommending her hand-painted gourmet chocolates for my pick this week. Her chocolate masterpieces are almost too pretty to eat. If I had to pick my three favorite flavors, I’d highlight Key Lime Pie, Truffle Honey, and Sweet Potato. Sweet Potato might sound a bit quirky, but the milk chocolate caramel ganache pairs so beautifully with the sweet potato puree and cognac flavors it makes for a uniquely whimsical sweet treat. Kate’s based in Dallas but ships nationally and can also be found on Amazon. Even Oprah picked her for one of her favorite things, so you know she’s legit.

Kate Weiser Chocolate 6-Piece Artist Collection, $18.00 on Amazon

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Kate Weiser Chocolate 15-Piece Artist Collection, $40.00 at Kate Weiser Chocolate

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

Header image by Lauren Zaser.

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