Breakfast eaters unite! Brands, both familiar and new, have released a bevy of bars to satisfy those early morning hunger pangs. But do they live up to their hype? We sampled three varieties, in addition to other new grocery items on yesterday’s Taylor Strecker Show, and break everything down for you below. Just consider us your personal taste-testers. My Venmo is @joeyskladany and you’re welcome.

Nature’s Bakery Bar

Off the bat, these weren’t the best. You can tout organic all you want, but it’s got to taste good. That being said, the latest Brownie flavor grew on Taylor and Chanel didn’t mind the Apple and Cinnamon. They just weren’t amazing…or memorable…and for those reasons alone, we’ll have to ultimately pass. Sorry, not sorry.


The Luckybar takes home the award for “Most Surprising.” I wanted to hate these because I feel like anything targeted towards children (particularly picky eaters) is gimmicky. That being said, these were fabulous. In fact, they tasted like healthy rice krispies treats coated in chocolate. While six grams of sugar is still significant, this is a bar we can definitely get behind.

Red Mill Oat Bars

These scared me a bit with the Peanut Butter and Banana flavor (not my fav), but once we tried Peanut Butter and Jelly…WOW! The bar has early potential for a Top 10 Friday Food Find of 2019. Whether it’s the soft texture, peanut butter to oat ratio, or strawberry jelly, there are plenty of reasons to love this new bar.

Hu Hunks

While we appreciated the use of an unconventional golden berry, it was far too sour for dark chocolate, thus resulting in an off-putting bitterness that we couldn’t scrape off our tongues. The chocolate-covered cashews with vanilla bean saved the day, though, and are a much more palatable option in Hu’s latest Hunks line. Frankly, we’d prefer an actual hunk with a chiseled jawline and six-pack any day.

Jif Peanut Butter Clusters

Okay, these are dangerously good. They have the taste of a Nutter Butter with the crunch of a Planters P.B. Crisp (R.I.P.). We also appreciate Jif’s decision to not include palm oil in these bad boys because it’s a group of bad boys who harvest a majority of the palm oil found in the foods we love (Google Amazon rain forest destruction and orangutan deaths. Sad stuff). While the sugar is still too high for our liking (seven grams), it’s definitely a snack we can add to our rotation.

KPOP Kimchi Mayo Sauce

Much like the grandma in those Frank’s hot sauce commercials, I put this shit on everything. Literally. Tuna fish? Perfect. Stir-fry? Delicious. Cold-cuts? The best. It’s like an upgraded spicy mayonnaise, but with a slightly runnier consistency that lends itself better to already-saucy dishes. This will certainly become a staple in my fridge, among the 25 other bottles of condiments I love so dearly. #saucewhore

Dragon Fruit Hi-Chews

We live for a Hi-Chew new flavor moment and Dragon Fruit more than delivered. While I personally enjoy Kiwi a tad bit more than its newborn sister, those chia seed additions are still a brilliant way to mirror the flavors and textures found in the actual fruit. I’ll never say bye to a Hi-Chew.

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