It’s a food-lover relationship dilemma: Who gets the cookbooks and recipes when a foodie couple breaks up—and how will you ever survive without his mother’s famous cheese bread?

This was the situation for Kirsten, as she relates on her blog Dine and Dish. The relationship was over, the divvying up of belongings had just begun, and there was one thing she simply had to get her hands on—a copy of his family cookbook.

My ‘ex’ came from a long line of Italian heritage. His mother had 10 sisters and 2 brothers, all whom were incredible, authentic Italian cooks. Several years prior the 12 of them, plus Nanni and Great Nanni, had teamed together to create a cookbook full of some of their favorite recipes. It was a true treasure…. There were recipes in that cookbook I knew I had to have. He could have everything else, just please let me have the cookbook.

Did she succeed? You betcha—and she even shares the recipe for his mom’s Italian cheese bread.

Me? I’m still kicking myself that I never bothered to secure the recipe for my ex-boyfriend Erik’s amazing abalone and peppers before that relationship came to an end. That dish haunts me.

Note to self: All is fair in love and war—but write the recipes down first!

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