Egg foo young is one of those dishes that was largely popularized in a bygone time, but is still comforting. Countless American housewives through the ages have tried their hand at it, only to have it dubbed “egg foo yuck” by their culinarily backward children. But for tasty, old-school egg foo young, you need to find a tasty, old-school Chinese American restaurant, like Gim’s. Gim’s is definitely old school, says Ruth Lafler, who gets her egg foo young fix there–three thick, heavy patties are served smothered in brown gravy with a side of rice. In fact, she hesitates to recommend the place to someone who likes real Chinese food–it is what it is: cheap, old-fashioned, gloppy Chinese-American comfort food. Enjoy.

Gim’s Chinese Kitchen [East Bay]
2322 Lincoln Ave., Alameda

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Egg Foo Young

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