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This Valentine’s Day, consider making a heart-shaped dish that everyone will love—pizza. Sound good? Sweet! I’m going to rundown some great gear for making heart-shaped pizzas at home. After all, what better way to let someone know that you love them than making them a meal they will love? Seriously. Is there a better way? ‘Cause the path to my heart is through my stomach.  

If using pepperoni, major bonus points if you also cut each piece of meat into a mini heart:

Stand Mixer with Dough Hook

KitchenAid Artisan Tilt-Head Stand Mixer, $279 on Amazon (originally $429.99)


First, you want to focus on the dough. It’s the foundation of your pie. For most ‘zas, the dough is where you’re going to make or break your pizza. And, yes, while pizza is pizza is pizza, we all know that, really, they’re not all created equal. Another reason you focus on the dough first? Because you need to give it some time to rise. A stand mixer with a dough hook will help you get the job done right, and well. Sure, stand mixers can get pricey, but once you have one, you can buy attachments to use for all types of things—from making pasta, to baking cakes, to making your own ground meat or sausage. Check out this classic Kitchen-Aid model. (And try this Overnight Refrigerator Pizza Crust recipe.)See It

Dough Storage Container

OXO Good Grips Smart Seal Leakproof Plastic Food Storage Container Set, $25.49 on Amazon


Once you’ve made your dough, you’ll need to store it in your refrigerator to let the yeast go to work—to make the perfect pizza pie, you’ll want to let the dough sit for at least a day. That’s why you need lidded containers; I like this set from Oxo. Put the dough in one of these, place it in the fridge, and in a day or two, it’ll be ready to roll (pun definitely intended)!See It

Rolling Pin

Anreoner 17-Inch Stainless Steel Rolling Pin with Thickness Guide Rings, $18.99 on Amazon


When the yeast in your dough has done its job, you’ll need to get it ready for ingredients. That means rolling it out. To do that, you’ll need a rolling pin. Pretty basic kitchen tool. You may already have one, but in case you don’t, try this versatile stainless pin.See It

Heart-Shaped Pan

Fox Run Heart Cake Pan, $8.94 on Amazon


If you’re making a heart-shaped pizza, you’ll need to shape your dough appropriately. Looking to go rustic, or perhaps a little abstract? By all means, use your hands! If you’re trying for something a bit cleaner and precise, you’ll need a stencil of some sort. I’d recommend using a heart-shaped pan. Just flip it upside down, press, lift, and remove the excess dough. It’s all starting to come together! Check out this pan for 8-inch pizzas.See It

Pizza Stone

Emile Henry Glazed Clay Pizza Stone, $55 on Amazon


Before you sauce this magnificent heart-shaped carby goodness, you need to prep your cooking equipment. Unless you have a pizza oven (I’m jealous), you’ll be using a conventional one. The problem with conventional ovens for pizza-making is that they don’t get hot enough, especially for the crust. To solve this problem, enter the pizza stone. Pizza stones can withstand high temperatures, and are made with porous materials that properly remove moisture. The result? A crust you can be proud of (pro tip: make sure the dough is at room temperature before placing on a piping hot stone). Before you top your dough, place your stone in the oven, and preheat to 500 degrees (the max for standard ovens). This one looks pretty boss.See It

Pizza Peel

Chef Pomodoro Aluminum Pizza Peel with Foldable Wood Handle, $19.99 on Amazon


You might be wondering, “How do I take my dough and get it onto a piping hot pizza stone in the oven without burning myself, suffering stickage, or the dough falling apart?” With a pizza peel, that’s how! Dust the peel with cornmeal—enough to ensure the dough can slide—and it’s ready to receive your dough, and transfer it onto the stone. I like the look of this one because it has a foldable handle—great for storage.See It


KitchenAid 5-Speed Blender, $79 on Amazon (originally $129.99)


Now you’re ready to sauce and top! I’m not going to tell you not to use bottled pizza sauce. If you have something you love, go with it. But, if you’re hoping to make your own sauce at home, you’ll want a blender. Just throw all your ingredients in, blend, and pronto! Pizza sauce. In the market for a new blender? Try this one.See It

Cutting Boards

HOMWE Kitchen Cutting Board, 3 for $14.97 on Amazon


If you like veggies on your pizza (I actually do not), you will need to cut them up before topping your pie. No problem. With a solid set of knives, and a cutting board, you’ll be in business. Don’t have a cutting board? Check these out!See It

Pizza Cutter

You’ve reached the point when your pizza comes out of the oven and is nearly ready to consume. The only thing you need to do before enjoying your creation is cut it. There are two implements you can use.

OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Pizza Wheel, $12.95 on Amazon


First, the standard pizza cutter wheel. Simple. Streamlined. Gets the job done.See It

Checkered Chef Rocker Pizza Cutter, $12.95 on Amazon


If you want to look like a real-deal chef at a pizzeria, though, a pizza cutter rocker blade is the way to go. Whatever you go with, just remember these are meant for cutting, so keep them away from kids.See It

With all this gear, you should be able to make sensational heart-shaped pizzas for Valentine’s Day. Not only is it a meal that’s easily shaped, and therefore, easily themed, it’s a meal everyone is bound to love. From kids, to significant others, to parents and grandparents, everyone loves pizza, and if you make them one for Valentine’s Day, they’ll know you love them too!

Lou Malnati's Heart-Shaped Pizza Gift Package, $64.99 on Amazon

An even easier option that also happens to be available online.
See It

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