Cheese getting moldy in the fridge, even in a plastic bag? Try the following tactics:

Wrap the cheese in tin foil, wax paper or very tightly in plastic wrap, instead of a plastic bag.

MMRuth wraps her cheese tightly in plastic wrap, and surrounds with foil. She then places it into the meat drawer of her fridge, which she lines with paper towels. The result: no mold, ever.

If the cheese does get moldy with green or white fuzzy mold, trim off the mold as soon as possible. The stuff lives only on the surface. If it gets moldy with red, pink, or orange mold, toss the whole thing. That’s a sign that there’s something nasty lurking inside the cheese. Goat cheese is particularly susceptible to the nasty stuff.

And last: if you really want to prevent cheese mold, don’t touch the cheese you’ll be storing directly with your fingers. Handle the cheese through paper or plastic wrap. Most molds get onto cheese via our fingers. Washing your hands thoroughly isn’t enough.

How to keep cheese in refrig from being moldy?

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