Timed to coincide with St. Patrick’s Day, 300,000 jars of limited-edition Guinness Marmite are being released this week in the UK.

Marmite, a savory spread beloved by Brits but which may be an acquired taste to those who first encounter it as an adult, is made from yeast extract. This version uses authentic Guinness yeast to achieve a Guinness-y flavor to the mixture. The black jar with a white lid is meant to mimic the appearance of a pint of Ireland’s dark tipple.

According to the Guinness blog, the spread will be available for only a few weeks and is proving to be hard to come by—would-be customers are reporting empty supermarket shelves. There are several tubs listed on eBay UK, with prices up to £9.99 ($19.54) for the Buy it Now option.

With Marmite being a love-it-or-hate-it sort of proposition, this is not bad news for everyone. As blogger Arbroath observes, “I bet it tastes as awful as the original.”

Oh, and there’s no alcohol involved here—just the same yeast as the beer.

Well, then, forget it.

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