As a trial run, to make sure the kitchen stadium was ready for battle, the Food Network staff recently held a practice Iron Chef cookoff. The secret ingredient: Cheez Whiz!

As reported on the Food Network blog, two teams of staff chefs got cooking with this odd, bright-orange, cheeselike substance. But the menus they prepared are impressive:

Team 1:

Cheez Whiz ravioli in brodo (broth)

Wild mushroom panini with truffled cheese sauce

Cheese popover with caramelized red onions

Cheese risotto with buttery beef and micro-greens

Cheese-ribbon ice cream with brown-sugar fig sauce

Team 2:

Mini bacon–quail egg and cheese sandwich with coffee

Cheez Whiz soufflé with arugula, apple, and beet salad

Applewood smoked bacon truffled mac and cheese

Jalapeno cheesesteak with chipotle cheese fries

Cheez Whiz cheesecake

There’s no report on which team won this battle, but my money is on Team 2 and their applewood smoked bacon truffled mac and cheese. If you forget about the use of fluorescent pseudocheese, that actually sounds pretty good. Cheez Whiz cheesecake, however, I don’t even want to think about.

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