Cranky ol’ blue laws vary from state to state, impeding the natural flow of commerce and generally cramping our style. Until recently in Massachusetts, liquor stores couldn’t open on Sunday. South Carolina only recently ditched its law requiring bars to dispense their liquor in mini bottles (which paradoxically made for stronger drinks). Kentucky, home to some of the country’s best distillers of fine spirits, is still lousy with dry counties.

And in Minnesota, you can’t get wine (let alone beer or liquor) at your local grocery store, which makes shopping for a humble daube into a two-store affair.

That may be about to change with the introduction of the “Wine with Dinner” bill in the Minnesota State Legislature. The bill (spurred by an aggressive and well-organized campaign) would impose relatively strict rules on grocery store wine sales, but would at least make it possible to put together a decent meal without hitting the liquor store.

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