Getting in on the mad rush to provide all manner of affordable luxuries to an increasingly jaded public, hotel restaurants and upscale eateries are serving up flashy new coffee-related beverages that fetch up to $40 a cup. USA Today reports on the kind of stuff involved in the rush toward large-scale coffee luxury (single-estate coffees, full-time baristas, exquisitely calibrated water temperatures, etc.).

This is old news for foodies up on their “news of the weird,” but some of the most sought-after java is brewed from beans that have been pooped out of the butts of a catlike Indonesian critter known as a civet. The exciting thing is that Kopi Luwak will now be hittin’ the streets to catch the eyes of consumers no longer thrilled by the finest brews Starbucks has to offer.

Speaking of which, ‘Bucks bashing is the name of the game in this piece. It isn’t easy being Starbucks these days; you’ve got magical creatures crapping out beans better than your own, and on the other end, McDonald’s coffee is doing better in taste tests. Talk about getting it from both ends.

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