Taking a break from the Rachael-Ray snarking and Top Chef speculation that occupy most of the folks who bother to post on Chowhound’s Food Media board, Kater seeks fellow fans of her husband’s favorite new cooking show, the low-budget, Web-only videocast Ctrl-Alt-Chicken. Writing of the show’s two stars, Alex Albrecht and Heather Stewart, Kater claims, rightly, “They make that How To Boil Water guy look like Julia Child!”

Alex and Heather (the smart kids in the office, where Heather greatly resembles a younger Nigella, except for the knowing-how-to-cook part) are kind of clueless. Wait, make that very clueless, but snappy with the non sequiturs and one-liners, and completely unfazed by their (frequent) culinary disasters. The show has even inspired an “unofficial” Brit fan site/blog.

But it’s not all bumbling around their tiny suburban-kitchen set; the program also includes visits to “the lab” (Alex and Heather again, wearing lab coats and filmed in old-horror-movie black and white), where Alex uses a Mel-Brooks-in-a-Muppet-movie German accent to speculate on the origins of whatever dish they’re planning to butcher, er, cook.

Writes Kater,

I can’t really think of anyone who might learn from them because ctrl-alt-chicken is more of a cautionary tale. Now I do think that a complete novice might be inspired by their intrepid approach to cooking, and it could get non cooks into the kitchen. But what they do there will probably be disastrous …

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