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Buying Christmas gifts for home cooks is not a simple task. There are presents that seem like a good idea at the time, but are a total hassle in reality (hello, ice cream maker). Then, there are those go-to kitchen tools ambitious cooks will actually use (hopefully, to make you dinner). Below, what to buy for those amateur chefs in your life (and maybe yourself).

Bonus: Most are on Amazon, so if you have Prime, you can still get them in time.

OXO Good Grips V-Blade Mandoline Slicer, $39.95 on Amazon

OXO mandoline


Slicing carrots for stew, or apples for pie is infinitely faster with a mandoline. It’s also more precise, meaning everything will cook more evenly when it’s chopped within the same quarter-inch. This one comes with a guard too, which protects all digits.Buy Now

Aunt Martha’s Gray Striped Dish Towels, $7.25 on Amazon


One can truly never have enough clean dish towels, which double as oven mitts, a mat for sliding cutting boards, and napkins in a pinch. They’re also a pain to launder, so trust us when we say that no one will turn away clean dish towels. No. One.Buy Now

Stainless Steel Round Biscuit Cutters, 5 for $12.99 on Amazon

Stainless Steel Round Biscuit Cutters


Even if you don’t make biscuits that often, this set of five cutters will surely come in handy when it’s time to cut sugar cookies or make ravioli. They can even help with plating if you’re feeling fancy; think a perfectly circular mound of steak tartare or tiny cakes cut from a larger dessert.Buy Now

Cuisinart SmartStick Immersion Blender & Chopper, $79.80 on Amazon


Blenders and food processors aren’t a bad thing to have, but nothing is easier than an immersion blender, which can be dipped into soups, salsas, and smoothies. And the clean-up is a total breeze. Tell that to your giant plastic food processor that came with a million attachments.Buy Now

Hala Bamboo Cookbook Holder with Acrylic Shield, $38.89 on Amazon

Hala Bamboo Cookbook Holder with Acrylic Shield


Not only does this sleek cookbook holder keep your recipes from falling over, a splatter-proof guard means that your bolognese won’t ruin your pages, or worse, your iPad. It folds flat for easy storage.Buy Now

Jenaluca Herb Scissors, $14.87 on Amazon


Even though single-use items aren’t the most economical things to keep in a crowded kitchen drawer, this one is worth having on hand. From slicing through chives to mincing cilantro fast, herb scissors elevate any salad, and in record time.Buy Now

Silicone Splatter Screen, $15 at Sur la Table

silicone splatter screen

Sur la Table

It seems like something you don’t really need—until you take a look at your stovetop after whipping up some stir-fry. This splatter screen is simple and uncomplicated—yet a nice step up from the usual stainless steel mesh model—and you’ll be glad you have one when it’s time to deep fry, well, anything. You can find similar screens on Amazon.Buy Now

Silpat Perfect Cookie Baking Mat, $20.95 on Amazon

Sur la Table

Anyone who’s ever baked a batch of chocolate chip cookies knows how important spacing is—and how expensive and wasteful rolls of parchment paper can be. This non-stick silicone mat is a must for even the occasional cookie-maker, and if you feel like tackling macarons, the piping guides will help you form them evenly.Buy Now

Marca Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $9.95 at Sur la Table

Marca Verde Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sur la Table

Nothing’s more annoying than running out of olive oil while you’re in the middle of making a dish. Save the day by gifting your favorite home chef a bottle of the good stuff—this is affordable but has near-perfect reviews.Buy Now

Bee’s Wrap, 3 sheets for $18 on Amazon


It’s more eco-friendly than plastic wrap, and the warmth of your hands helps makes it mold to almost any food item. It’s a total lifesaver for a chef who always has leftovers.Buy Now

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