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Everyone has that friend, the cocktail obsessive who collects bitters and has not one, but two Hatch bar mixing glasses. You could easily just gift him or her a bottle of really good rye and call it a day. But instead of taking the easy route this holiday, put a little more Martha Stewart into it, and arrange a cocktail gift basket or bag, which is much easier to put together than it sounds. Below, some tipple-themed ideas.

Old Fashioned


For a baseline shopping list, take a look at our Old Fashioned recipe. Pick a nice rye or bourbon (make sure you know how he or she likes it), pick up some angostura bitters, and then add a few quintessential bar tools:

Open Kitchen Citrus Zester, $10 on Williams-Sonoma

bar tools citrus zester


Throw this in for the orange twist.See It

Silicone Ice Sphere Molds Set, 2 for $10.36 at Williams-Sonoma

large ice sphere molds for cocktails


And you’ll want to include a large ice mold. An Old Fashioned should be chilled, not watery.See It

Moscow Mule

Hatch Chile and Raspberry Moscow Mule

Gastronom Blog

We prefer our Moscow Mule with ginger syrup instead of ginger beer. For this basket, we say make a batch of Ginger Syrup and add a few other essentials. Also, don’t forget the vodka.

Chef’n Lime Juicer, $19.95 at Williams-Sonoma

lime juicer


To make things easy squeezy.See It

Copper Moscow Mule Mug, $23.96 at Williams-Sonoma

engraved copper moscow mule mug


So they can sip in style (you can even have it monogrammed).See It

Moscow Mule Cocktail Shrink Film Holiday Ornament, $10 on Etsy

Moscow mule mug ornament


If you want to add a little something extra.See It


frozen margaritas

You know exactly which friend needs a “margarita night!” Include the aforementioned lime juicer tool so he or she can use real lime juice, like in our Perfect Margarita. Add a bottle of tequila, maybe a bottle of Cointreau, and a couple other items, and you have a gift basket that encourages a weeknight get together, just because, you know, margaritas are delicious.

Cocktail Rimmer, $6.99 at Williams-Sonoma (originally $12.95)

cocktail rimmer


This helps portion out the right amount of salt.See It

Custom Made Frosted Spiral Wave Pattern Margarita Glasses, 4 for $89.10 at Etsy

custom margarita glasses

Woodeye Glassware/Etsy

It’s a party on a glass.See It



This is for your friend who’s a total Carrie. For a classic Cosmo gift basket, along with a bottle of vodka, you can also include the lime juicer and citrus zester (for the lime twist) we mentioned above.

“Making Spirits Bright” Mini Cocktail Shaker, $12.50 on Etsy

mini cocktail shaker

White Confetti Box/Etsy

Add a pretty-in-pink cocktail shaker.See It

Hand-Painted Cocktail Glasses, $14.51 on Etsy

hand-painted martini glasses

Contemporary Living Co/Etsy

And channel the squad’s penchant for flashy accessories with these hand-painted glasses.See It

Gin Martini


For the classic (and arguably, “right”) way to make a martini, use our Perfect Gin Martini recipe. In addition to a bottle of gin and orange bitters, think about adding some seriously cool barware.

Elyx Martini Kit, $129 at Williams-Sonoma

Elyx martini set


This has everything you need except the alcohol.See It

Gold Bar Tool Set, $22.99 at Williams-Sonoma (originally $68)

gold bar tool set


Alternatively, choose luxury-on-a-budget with this set.See It

If you’d rather add glassware, you can’t go wrong with these diamond quilted coupes, pink depression glasses, or iridescent blue Fostoria numbers. Just be sure to wrap the glasses carefully, especially if you go the bag route.

If you’re looking for specific alcohol suggestions, check out our Chowhound Gift Guide 2018: Best Alcohol to Give as Gifts. And for even more great gift ideas, see our Gourmet Food and Drink Gift Guide and our Kitchen Gadgets, Tools, and Appliances Gift Guide.

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