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Oprah’s annual list of favorite things has historically contained a lot of bougie items we could only dream of purchasing for our friends and family (or ourselves for that matter). From a diamond watch to a 7-day Royal Caribbean cruise, not to mention the whole “you get a car! YOU GET A CAR!” thing, some of Oprah’s fabulous gift picks have seemed a little out of reach for us regular people. But this year, even Oprah has caught the Amazon bug. She’s curated a list of her favorite Amazon products, and we’ve combed through her picks to curate our top items. We’ve even included the least expensive item on this year’s list in our favorites–not because it’s cheap, but because it sounds amazing. Keep reading for the full list of what we’re buying with Oprah’s seal of approval.

 Truff Hot Sauce, $17.98 on Amazon

Truff hot suace from Oprah's Favorite Things on Amazon


If there’s one thing Oprah’s partner Stedman is known for, it’s his loyalty, as he’s been by Oprah’s side for more than 30 years. According to Oprah, Stedman is also loyal to his hot sauce. Apparently he’s been a patron of Louisiana Hot Sauce for the past 30 years…until now. He’s still loyal to Oprah, but he’s switched hot sauces to Truff and we can’t blame him –with a spicy black truffle flavor profile this stuff sounds amazing. This is also the least expensive item on this year’s list, so make sure to stock up on this delicious stocking stuffer.See It

Smoke-less Indoor Grill, $249.95 on Amazon (17% off – originally $299.99)


Whether you live somewhere cold and can’t use your grill year-round, or you live in an apartment building and can only dream of having a backyard with the ultimate grilling set-up, we feel you. And so does Oprah. Even though Oprah could probably fit 100 grills in her backyard, she still says this indoor grill makes a burger worthy of her praise, which says a lot.See It

Helix Hand Mixer, $29.99 on Amazon


Some things are just easier to make with a hand mixer, versus a traditional stand mixer (personally we prefer whipping cream with a hand mixer). And not everyone has the room to store a giant stand mixer in their tiny kitchen. Enter the hand mixer – and not just any hand mixer, but the hand mixer Oprah put her seal of approval on. Its rainbow of colors and low price make this a great gift option for just about anyone.See It

Carl the Drinking Chocolate Snowman, $38.00 on Amazon


You won’t be sad to watch this snowman melt, trust us. This super adorable chocolate snowman is filled with hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows so all you have to do is drop it in the pot and watch ol’ Frosty melt into chocolatey goodness. Editor’s note: One of our editors used to live in Dallas (where Kate Weiser Chocolate, the boutique chocolate shop who created this amazing product originated), and can personally attest to how amazing Kate’s chocolate products are.See It

Russ & Daughters New York Brunch Kit, $140.00 on Amazon

Russ and Daughters New York brunch gift basket


We all know Oprah loves bread. And it’s safe to say she has any bread product available to her in the world at all times. So we don’t take her bread recommendations lightly. Oprah’s favorite carby item this year is from New York institution Russ & Daughters (you don’t stay in business for 104 years if you’re not good, that’s a fact). This brunch kit contains all of their top hits – hand-rolled bagels, smoked salmon, and cream cheese, plus chocolate babka, and coffee.See It

Nespresso Lattissima One, $265.95 on Amazon (30% off-originally $379.00)


Give the gift of convenient coffee that can be made at home with this beautiful Nespresso machine. Not only can it can make a creamy cappuccino or latte macchiato at the touch of a button, it also comes in three chic colors (creamy white is our favorite). AND to top it off it’s currently 30% off!See It

Hanukkah Bark and Peppermint Bark, $29.95 on Amazon


Our favorite hostess gift this year comes in the form of chocolate (no surprise there). This delicious gift doesn’t care what holiday you’re celebrating this season – whether you’re into Hanukkah or Christmas (or the best of both worlds in Christmakuh) there’s a chocolate bark for you. This special chocolate bark comes from a Hilliards Chocolates, a family business in its fourth generation that handcrafts small batches using family recipes, so you can feel good about your purchase (although to be honest we always feel good when we’re purchasing chocolate).See It

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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