It was a smelly day in The Taylor Strecker Show studio. Unfortunately for them, I brought cheese, fish, meat, and panic-induced sweat after being stuck in nightmare N.Y.C. traffic for 30 minutes. Tragic. Luckily we taste tested some real gems during the segment, all of which can be found (and shopped!) below. Check out our favs!

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“Amour from Walden” Angry Orchard Rosé Cider-Washed Cheese

This has got to be one of the smelliest cheeses I’ve ever sampled in my entire life, but there’s no denying it was delicious. The creaminess pairs perfectly with the sweetness of rosé and there’s a pleasant tang from the cider that almost makes us wish it was summer again. Key word: almost.

Chevoo Goat Cheese (Dill Pollen and Garlic)

Speaking of delicious cheeses, Chevoo’s jarred goat varieties are real winners for your holiday charcuterie board. We’re actually excited to try the entire line because there may or may not be an Italian black truffle option that may or may not be inducing chronic salivation.

Rubaruma Jack’s Blend

We dusted this on potato chips for the broadcast and weren’t blown away by the flavor. In fact, the seasoning tasted pretty standard and was anchored by the all-too-familiar black pepper. That being said, our producers finished the entire bag after the segment and begged us for more. “Pleasantly addictive” indeed…at least for some of us.

Mama’s One Sauce

As a dip, this sauce is just too ketchupy for an hour-long french fry binge (don’t act like you’ve never partaken in such an event), but we have a feeling it may taste better basted on some chicken and thrown on the grill. And for that reason, we can’t give an accurate review at this time. Stand by for an update!

Made by True Biltong 

Biltong is typically made with South African game meat, so we were surprised to see a beef variety (clearly more marketable to Americans with picky palates). Unfortunately, these just didn’t have the texture and taste we’ve grown accustomed to with more mainstream brands of jerky. Give us the gazelle!

Fishpeople Wild Alaskan Salmon Jerky

You have to *really* love fish to enjoy these. Like, you need to be wearing an Ariel seashell bra and studying to become a sushi chef-levels of fish loving, because this jerky is strong AF and almost offensively so.

Jelly Belly Holiday Favorites

Jelly Belly can do no wrong when it comes to creative jelly bean flavors and these more than delivered. We love, love, loved the cranberry sauce, which may just be the next best thing to canned cranberry sauce. (Yeah, right. Nothing is better than canned cranberry sauce.)

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