best Thanksgiving tablecloths, runners, and placemats
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Let’s not beat around the bush. The most important thing on Thanksgiving, Friendsgiving or any other fill-in-the-blanksgiving is the food. If you under-cook the turkey, forget to make dessert, or run out of wine you’re definitely fighting an uphill battle, but there are ways to hedge against failed menu execution for the non-James Beard contenders among us. You can have music and Netflix playlists so good everyone forgets how hungry they are, for instance, or stash a stack of frozen pizzas in the bathtub. But there is another fun and festive way to distract from potentially soggy stuffing and mealy mashed potatoes. Make it pretty!

From candles to glassware, and music to decor, we’ve got all kinds of suggestions for mood setting devices on Turkey Day, but don’t forget to dress the table itself! Since Thanksgiving orbits around the dinner table unlike any other holiday, you’d better make sure it’s donning its absolute Thursday best; from tablecloths to placemats and runners galore, this culinary couture will put you Friendsgiving fête in a whole new class.


Color Blocked Cotton, 4 for $27

autumn color block placemat


These modern-looking cotton color blocked placemats sport a warm autumn sienna orange.See It

Bamboo, 4 for $35.98


When in doubt, go for natural materials. These sturdy mats are made from 100 percent natural and durable bamboo chips. Attractive, versatile and easy to clean, too.See It

Funky Leather and Cotton, $17.99


Handwoven from cotton and 100 percent recycled leather these incredibly unique placemats will elicit envy from just about everyone. With warm tones of umber, chocolate, chestnut, and taupe they’re perfect for this time of year.See It

Round Woven Rope, 12 for $33.99


These dramatic round placemats are made from paper fiber rope and are big enough for most dishes. They double as decorative mats for a vase or stylish hot plate.See It


Classic French, $34.18


This classic design will work with most aesthetics making it an extremely safe gift. What’s more, the 100 percent cotton tablecloth comes in a slew of color combinations to suit any taste.See It

Colorful Stripe, $29.99


This unorthodox color combination of earthen orange and green is cut by a robin blue and it totally works. Polyester makes for an easy clean.See It

Muted Modern Linen, $26.99


This solid earthy grey tablecloth is the perfect blank canvas for a range of color schemes. Easy to dress up or down depending on your host’s vibe.See It

Table Runners

Chic Burlap, $8.99


Chic burlap sounds like an oxymoron but stay with me. You’d also be hard pressed to find any autumn or Thanksgiving decor that doesn’t look good on top of it. This runner sports handsome blue stripes down the middle and will work with color schemes of all sorts.See It

Woven Rope, $12.99


Made from 100 percent woven paper rope, this runner adds a ton of subtle texture and won’t dominate a table setting.See It

Technicolor, $36.99


This colorful cotton runner looks like it was cut from the tail of Joseph’s Technicolor Dreamcoat. With a sturdy build and intricate patterns, it comes in two color palettes: warm fall tones, or a teal-based scheme.See It

Feather and Floral, $25.99


This runner screams fall with delicate yellow leaves and birds from Maison d’ Hermine; 100 percent cotton and machine washable, this will be your host’s new favorite fall fabric.See It

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All featured products are curated independently by our editors. When you buy something through our retail links, we may receive a commission. For more great hand-picked products, check out the Chowhound Shop.

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