Formerly a branch of the meat-patty bakery Golden Krust, Jamaica Cafe offers straightforward, unpretentious Jamaican fare that tastes like it came straight from an auntie’s kitchen, says SoCalMuncher.

Curry goat is flavorful and tender, more than a match for the strong, high-masala West Indian curry. In true island style, though, you’ll have to use your fingers to get all the meat–there’s a lot of bone in there.

On the side, deep-fried plantains, red beans and rice, and yams are good, but nothing spectacular.

Meat patties are good enough for the West Coast, but could use some real, good pepper sauce for kick. They have chicken and vegetable patties, too.

Jamaica Cafe [South Bay]
formerly Golden Krust
321 E. Willow St, Long Beach

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