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While the summer has dwindled away and so have the cries of “Slay all day and then rosé,” it may seem as though the wine should be retired until the warmth of the sun draws it out again. But did you know rosé is the perfect accompaniment to all of the amazing goodness that is about to take over the Thanksgiving table?

One-Stop Shopping9 Grocery Store Wines Worth Entertaining With“Imagine that tart, juicy acid in the wine basically resetting your palate,” says Liz Martinez, wine director and sommelier at Detroit’s Prime and Proper. “You can relive that first bite over and over again.” Rosé’s flavor notes are complex, yet harmonious, and contain hints of fruit, flowers, and a variety of spices.

However, rosés also range in boldness and flavor. While a pale pink wine variety is perfect for sipping by the pool, a darker red wine, or rosé d’assiette (“for eating”), is full of structure and will hold up perfectly next to your mom’s famous stuffing or with all of your favorite parts of the bird. Look for wines that are a blend of grenache, cinsault, and syrah grapes, which are darker and stand up next to a variety of foods.

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Martinez says her personal favorite for a Thanksgiving treat is Chausse rosé from the Côtes de Provence. She explains that the structure and plushness makes for a great glass to accompany your feast—or several glasses, depending on how many personal questions your family is asking this year.

And if your family asks why you’re drinking the wine Millennials made famous in summer months, tell them it’s versatile enough to be paired with just about any food through any season of the year.  “I drink rosé all year long,” says Martinez. “With the variety of styles to choose from, you can basically cater to any and every experience.”

Still need convincing? Read sommelier Maryse Chevriere’s great guide to drinking rosé all fall.

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