Whether you’re an office drone, a slack-at-home freelancer, or a hotshot business traveler, it’s the age-old dilemma: Where am I going to eat lunch today?

You could use a Ouija board to decide, but the answers you get are often ambiguous at best.

Jim of KrazyDad has invented a nifty little Web tool to help the indecisive restaurant-goer.

The Wheel of Food has you input your zip code and a query (vegetarian, bar, steak, food). Up pops a wheel that your mouse spins for you, and voilà, you know where you’re dining today.

One caveat: It’s powered by Yahoo! Local, so the more active folks in your zip code are on Yahoo!, the more helpful it’s going to be. And KrazyDad has also helpfully included a warning:

Legal Disclaimer: Ignore the advice of the wheel at your own peril. Do not taunt the wheel. The wheel knows where you live.

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