Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about lobster and cream. Eating light feels just right to prepare for a night of strenuous “cuddling.” Over at FatFree Vegan Kitchen, Susan challenged her readers to come up with sensuous vegan savories for Valentine’s Day. The recipes had to be low in fat, be vegan, and use more than one vegetable. The outcome is mouthwatering, and contains many alliterative possibilities: Vegan, Vegetables, Valentine’s Day.

The Vegetable Love Round-Up features beautiful recipes like Vegalicious’s Hearty Ravioli, whimsical recipes like Jugalbandi’s Bouquets for My Valentine, and just plain elegant recipes like Where’s the Revolution?’s vegan (!) ceviche.

Be sure to save room for dessert: Susan may have broken her own rules for her Valentine’s Day treats, but Chocolate Cookies Two Ways sound delectable. They get a boost of flavor from a secret ingredient: balsamic vinegar.

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